Indoor photographs are made much better with the use of a flashlight than by depending on light from windows. The lighting can be made from any direction to suit the operator. If lighting flash powder when not in a regular flash lamp the flash cannot be depended upon and in some instances is dangerous. To make a simple and inexpensive flash lamp, first secure from your druggist an empty salve box about 3 in. in diameter. While at the drug store get 3 ft. of small rubber tubing; this will cost about 15 cents. Now visit the tin shop and get a small piece of scrap tin 3 or 4 in. square; a piece of brass or steel wire, about the size of stove pipe wire, 14 in. long. These with a strip of light asbestos paper and some small iron wire, about the size of door screen wire, will complete the material list.

Carefully punch a hole through the salve box on one side near the bottom with a 10-penny nail. Cut a strip of tin 2 in. long and about 3/8 in. wide and roll this around an 8-penny nail so as to form a small tube which will just fit the hole made in the salve box. Next roll up a strip of tin 1/2 in. wide into a small cup about 3/8 in. in diameter at one end and 1/4 in. at the other.

Place the tube in the nail hole so that one end comes almost to the center of the box inside and the other end projects about 1/2 in. outside the box. Cut out a little place for the tube to enter the cup at the small end and then solder the tube and cup to the bottom of the box as shown in the illustration. The tube and cup should be well soldered on the seams to make airtight. Bend a ring on one end of the larger piece of wire, making it 2-1/2 in. in diameter and form the remaining portion of the wire into a spiral, soldering the end in the bottom of the box near the cup. Wrap the ring at the top of the spiral piece of wire all the way around with the strip of asbestos paper, wrapping them together over and over until the entire ring is covered. Slip the end of the rubber tube over the tin tube on the side of the box and the flash lamp is complete. Made from a Tin Salve Box

Illustration: Made from a Tin Salve Box

To make a flash with this lamp fill the little cup in the center with flash powder and moisten the asbestos ring with alcohol. When all is ready for the picture the alcohol is lighted and a quick blow of the breath through the rubber tube will force the flash powder upward into the flame and cause the flash.

When through with the lamp place the cover over it, pushing the asbestos ring down inside the box. Wind the rubber tubing around the box and you have a neat outfit that can be carried in the pocket.