Saving An Engine

Turning the water on before starting the gas engine may prevent breaking a cylinder on a cold day.

Relieving The Weight Of A Talking Machine Reproducer

Too loud reproduction from a record, the scratching noise sometimes heard and the forcing of the needle into a soft record, because the extension arm and reproducer are too heavy, can be remedied in the following manner: Attach a small ring to the under side of the horn and use a rubber band to lift the extending arm slightly. --Contributed by W. A. Jaquythe, Richmond, Cal.

Cheap Nails Are Expensive

The life of iron shingle nails is about 6 years. An iron nail cannot be used again in putting on a new roof. Solid zinc nails last forever and can be used as often as necessary. As zinc is much lighter than iron, the cost of zinc nails is only about 2-1/2 times that of iron nails.

How To Make A Round Belt Without Ends

A very good belt may be made by laying several strands of strong cord, such as braided fishline, together as shown in Fig. 1 and wrapping as shown in Fig. 2. When wrapped all the way around, the ends are tied and cut off. This will make a very good flexible belt; will pull where other belts slip, and as the tension members are all protected from wear, will last until the wrapping member is worn through without being weakened. --Contributed by E. W. Davis, Chicago. Method of Forming the Belt

Illustration: Method of Forming the Belt

Crossing Belt Laces

Belt laces should never cross on the side next to the pulley as they will cut themselves in two.

Radiator Water

Pure rain water is the best to use in a cooling system of an automobile engine, as it is free from the mineral substances which are deposited in the radiator, piping and jackets by hard water.

Home-Made Ladle For Melting Babbitt

Secure a large sized old bicycle bell and rivet a heavy wire or strap iron on one side for a handle. When heated a little, hammer out the edge on one side for a lip to pour from. This makes a good ladle for melting small amounts of babbit or lead. --Contributed by L. M. Olson, Bellingham, Wash

An Emergency Babbitt Ladle

Take an old stove leg and rivet a handle on it and then break the piece off which fastens on the stove. The large and rounding part of the leg makes the bowl of the ladle. This ladle will be found convenient for melting babbitt or lead.-Contributed by R. H. Workman, Loudonville, Ohio.

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New Tires For Carpet-Sweeper Wheels

The rubber tires on carpet-sweeper wheels often become so badly worn and stretched that they fail to grip the carpet firmly enough to run the sweeper. To remedy this, procure some rubber tape a little wider than the rims of the old wheels, remove the old rubber tires and wind the tape on the rims to the proper thickness. Trim the edges with a sharp knife and rub on some chalk or soapstone powder to prevent the tape from sticking to the carpet. A sweeper treated in this manner will work as well as a new one. --Contributed by W. H. Shay, Newburgh, N. Y.

Gauntlets On Gloves

When the fingers or palms of gloves with gauntlets wear out, do not throw away the gloves, but cut off the gauntlets and procure a pair of gloves with short wrists to which the old gauntlets can be sewn after the wrist bands have been removed from the new gloves. The sewing may be done either by hand or on a machine, gathering in any fullness in the bellows of the cuff on the under side. A pair of gauntlets will outwear three or four pairs of gloves. --Contributed by Joseph H. Sanford, Pasadena, Cal.

An Adjustable Punching-Bag Platform

A punching-bag platform, suitable for the tall athlete as well as the small boy, is shown in the accompanying sketch. The platform is securely fastened to two strong wooden arms or braces, which in turn are nailed to a 2 by 12-in. plank as long as the diameter of the platform. This plank, as shown in the small drawing at the upper left-hand corner of the sketch, is placed in grooves or slots fastened against the side of a wall. The plank with the platform attached may be raised or lowered to the desired height and held there by a pin or bolt put through the bolt-hole of the plank and into a hole in the wall. Contributed by W. A. Jaquythe, Richmond, Cal.

Adjustable Platform

Adjustable Platform

Clasp For Holding Flexible Lamp Cords

A very easily made drop-light adjuster is shown in the illustration. It consists of a piece of copper wire 7/8 in. in diameter, bent as shown. This clasp is capable of standing a strong pull and will hold the lamp and socket with a glass . --E. K. Marshall, Oak Park, Ill.

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