A Simple And Effective Filter

Procure an ordinary lamp chimney and fit two or three thicknesses of cheese cloth over the end of it. Press a tuft of absorbent cotton into the small part of the neck to a depth of about 3 in. Insert the chimney in a hole cut in a wood shelf used as a support. Pour the water in until the filter is filled, when it will be observed that any organic matter, chips of iron rust, etc., will be retained by the cotton. The fine organic matter may penetrate the cotton for about 1 in., but no farther. The resultant filtered water will be clear and pure.

Cutting Tools [278]

Cutting Tools

The cutting point of a tool should never be below the centers.

Location Of A Gas Meter

The gas meter should not be located in a warm place or the gas will expand before the meter measures it and the gas bill will be proportionately increased. Gas expands by about 1/491 part of its volume for each deg. F. that it is heated. If the meter is warmed 10 deg. F., it will make the gas cost over 2 per cent more, without any corresponding benefit.

Child's Home-Made Swing Seat

A very useful swing or seat for children can be made from a box or packing case. Procure a box of the right size and saw it out in the shape shown in the illustration. The apron or board in front slides on the two front ropes. The board can be raised to place the child in the box and to remove him. The ropes are fastened to the box by tying knots in their ends and driving staples over . Made of a Box

Illustration: Made of a Box

Removing Pies From Pans

Sometimes the juices from a hot pie make it stick to the pan so tightly that a knife blade must be run under to cut it loose. If a knife with a flexible blade is not used, the pie will be damaged.

Separating Pies from Pans

Separating Pies from Pans

If the pie pans are provided with the simple attachment shown in the accompanying sketch, the baked dough can be separated from the tin with one revolution of the cutter. The cutter is made from a piece of heavy tin, bent to the same outline as the inside of the pan and pivoted at its center.

Protecting Sleeves

Bicycle trousers-guards make excellent sleeve bands when the cuffs are turned back and rolled above the elbows.

How To Repair Linoleum

A deep crack or fissure right in front of the kitchen cabinet spoiled the appearance of the new linoleum. The damaged spot was removed with a sharp knife and from a left-over scrap a piece was cut of the same outline and size. The edges were varnished and then the patch was set in the open space. The linoleum was given a good coat of varnish making it more durable. When perfectly dry, the piecing could not be detected. --Contributed by Paul Keller, Indianapolis, Indiana.

How To Preserve Egg Shells

Many naturalists experience difficulty in preserving valuable egg shells. One of the most effective ways of preserving is as follows: After the egg is blown, melt common beeswax and force it into the shell with a discarded fountain pen filler. Set in a cool place until the wax hardens. The most delicate shells treated in this manner can be handled without fear of breaking, and the transparency of the wax will not alter the color, shading, or delicate tints of the egg. --Contributed by L. L. Shabino, Millstown, South Dakota.

How To Preserve Egg Shells [288]

Magnet For The Work Basket

Tie a ribbon or strong string to the work basket and fasten a large magnet to the other end. Needles, scissors, etc., can be picked up without any trouble. This device is very convenient for invalids. --Contributed by Nellie Conlon, Worcester, Mass.

A Book Rest

A book that does not open flat is rather inconvenient to write in when one of its sides is in the position shown in Fig. 2. A wedge-shaped piece of metal, stone or wood, as shown in Fig. 1, will, when placed as in Fig. 3, raise the sloping half to the level of the other pages. Cover the block with rubber, wide rubber bands or felt, to prevent its scratching the desk top. The block can also be used as a paperweight. Book Back Holders

Illustration: Book Back Holders

Decoloration Of Flowers By Fumes Of Sulphur

Dissolve some sulphur in a small dish which will inflame by contact with air thus forming sulphuric acid fumes. Cover the dish with a conical chimney made of tin and expose to the upper opening the flowers that are to be decolored. The action is very rapid and in a short time myrtle, violets, bell flowers, roses, etc., will be rendered perfectly white.

A Nut-Cracking Block

Holes in Block for Nuts

Holes in Block for Nuts

In the sketch herewith is shown an appliance for cracking nuts which will prevent many a bruised thumb. To anyone who has ever tried to crack butternuts it needs no further recommendation. The device is nothing more than a good block of hardwood with a few holes bored in it to fit the different sized nuts. There is no need of holding the nut with the fingers, and as hard a blow may be struck as desired. Make the depth of the hole two-thirds the height of the nut and the broken pieces will not scatter. --Contributed by Albert O'Brien, Buffalo, N. Y.