Home-Made Necktie Holder

The gas bracket is considered a good place to hang neckties, even if it does crowd together. The illustration shows a better method, a curtain rod attached to one end of a bureau. Two long-shanked, square-hooked screws should be used, so they may be screwed beneath and close up to the projecting top. When removed they will leave no disfiguring holes.-Contributed by C. W. Neiman, New York City. Hanger for Ties

Illustration: Hanger for Ties

A Hanger For Trousers

Secure two clothes pins of the metal spring kind for the clamps of the hanger. The pins are fastened one to each end of a looped galvanized wire. This wire should be about 6 in. long after a coil is bent in the center as shown in the sketch. The diameter of the wire should be about 1/8 in.

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How To Make A Trousers Hanger

Secure from your tinsmith a piece of sheet metal 7 in. wide and 12 in. long. Cut the metal as shown in Fig. 1 and make a close bend at the point A, but not too close to cause it to break. The piece will then appear as shown in Fig. 2. Cut a piece from the waste material 1/2 in. wide and 2-1/4 in. long and bend it around the two pieces B, Fig. 2, so it will slide freely on their length. Bend the edges C in for 1/8 in. to hold the trousers firmly. Drill a hole through the top end of B and attach a wire formed into a hook for use in hanging on a nail. The bottom end of the trousers is inserted between the jaws C and the small ferrule pushed

Cut From Sheet Metal

Cut From Sheet Metal

Cut from Sheet Metal down to clamp on the cloth. --Contributed by A. Levinson, Saginaw, Michigan.

Tool Hangers

A tool rack that is serviceable for almost any kind of a tool may be made by placing rows of different-size screw eyes on a wall close to the workbench, so that files, chisels, pliers and other tools, and the handles of hammers can be slipped through the eyes.

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A place for every tool saves time, and besides, when the tools are hung up separately, they are less likely to be damaged, than when kept together on the workbench.