The Magic Knot

This is a very amusing trick which consists of tying one knot with two ends of a handkerchief, and pulling the ends only to untie again. Take the two diagonal corners of a handkerchief, one in each hand and throw the main part of the handkerchief over the wrist of the left hand and tie the knot as shown in the illustration. Pull the ends quickly, allowing the loop over the left hand to slip freely, and you will have the handkerchief without any knot. Tying and Untying a Knot

Illustration: Tying and Untying a Knot

Buttonhole Trick

This trick is performed with a small stick having a loop attached that is too small for the stick to pass through. Spread out the string and place it each side of the buttonhole, then draw the cloth around the hole through the string until it is far enough to pass the stick through the hole. Pull back the cloth and you have the string looped in the hole with a hitch the same as if the stick had been passed through the string.

Buttonhole Trick 419

The stick may be removed by pulling up the loop as if you were passing the stick through it, putting the stick in the hole and leaving the string on the outside, then spread the string, pulling up the cloth and passing the stick through the hole as before. --Contributed by Charles Graham, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Removing Scissors From A Cord

A piece of strong cord is doubled and fastened to a pair of scissors with a slip knot, as shown in Fig. 1. After passing the ends of the cord through the thumb hole of the scissors they are tied fast to a chair, door knob or any other object that may be of sufficient size to make the ends secure. The trick is to release the scissors without cutting the cord.

Take hold of the loop end of the cord in the lower handle and drawing it first through the upper handle and then completely over the blades of the scissors, as shown in Fig. 2. This is very simple when you know how, but puzzling when the trick is first seen. How the Scissors Are Removed

Illustration: How the Scissors Are Removed

Coin And Card On The First Finger

This is a simple trick that many can do at the first attempt, while others will fail time after time. It is a good trick to spring upon a company casually if you have practiced it beforehand. A playing card is balanced on the tip of the forefinger and a penny placed on top immediately over the finger end, as shown in the sketch. With the right hand forefinger and thumb strike the edge of the card sharply. If done properly the card will flyaway, leaving the penny poised on the finger end.

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Untying-A-Knot Trick

Tie a double knot in a silk handkerchief, as shown in the accompanying sketch and tighten the last tie a little by slightly drawing the two upper ends; then continue to tighten much more, pulling vigorously at the first corner of the handkerchief, and as this end belongs to the same corner it cannot be pulled much without loosening the twisted line of the knot to become a straight line. The other corner forms a slip knot on the end, which can be drawn out without disturbing the form, or apparent security of the knot, at the moment when you cover the knot with the unused part of the handkerchief.

When the trick is to be performed, tie two or three very hard knots that are tightly drawn and show your audience that they are not easy to untie. The slip knot as described then must be made in apparently the same way and untied with the thumb while the knot is in the folds of the handkerchief.

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