The dimensions for a leather coin purse are as follows: from A to B, as shown in the sketch, 6-3/8 in.; from C to D, 4-1/4 in.; from E to F, 3-1/2 in. and from G to H, 3-1/4 in. Russian calf modeling leather is the material used. A of brown is best as it does not soil easily, and does not require coloring. Leather Design for a Purse

Illustration: Leather Design for a Purse

Cut out the leather to the size of the pattern, then moisten the surface on the rough side with a sponge soaked in water. Be careful not to moisten the leather too much or the water will go through to the smooth side. Have the design drawn or traced on the pattern. Then lay the pattern on the smooth side of the leather and trace over the design with the small end of the leather tool or a hard, sharp pencil. Trace also the line around the purse. Dampen the leather as often as is necessary to keep it properly moistened.

After taking off the pattern, retrace the design directly on the leather to make it more distinct, using a duller point of the tool. Press or model down the leather all around the design, making it as smooth as possible with the round side of the tool. Work down the outside line of the design, thus raising it.

Fold the leather on the line EF. Cut another piece of leather the size of the side ECBD of the purse, and after putting the wrong sides of the leather together, stitch around the edge as designated by the letters above mentioned. Do not make this piece come quite up to the line EF, so that the coins may be more easily put in and taken out. About 1 in. from the lines EF on the piece, stitch in a strip of leather about 1/4 in. wide when stitching up the purse, through which to slip the fly AGH.