A very practical and novel sewing bag for odds and ends necessary for mending, etc., can be made of a folding camp stool. If an old stool is not at hand, a new one can be purchased for 25 cents. Remove the top or seat, which is usually made of a piece of carpet, then make a bag as shown in Fig. 1 and stitch a heavy cord around the top to make it strong. Make pockets on the inside as shown and nail the bag to the two crosspieces on which the ends of the carpet were tacked. Large, brass furniture nails should be used. Attach a small hook and eye on each end and fasten two leather handles to the crosspieces. Camp Stool Work Bag

Illustration: Camp-Stool Work Bag

Such a bag requires little room when folded and can be stored in a closet when not in use. --Contributed by Joseph Ledwinka, Philadelphia, Pa.