Secure an empty syrup or fruit can, any kind having a smooth flat bottom will do. If the bottom is not perfectly flat, it will interfere with the regular tone vibrations, and not produce the right sound. Remove the label by soaking it in hot water. Take an ordinary electrical bell and remove the gong, clip off the striking ball and bend the rod at right angles. Cut a block of wood 3/4 in. thick, 5 in. wide and 8 in. long for the base. Fasten the can on it with a piece of sheet brass or tin as shown in the sketch. Mount the bell vibrator on the base, using a small block of wood to elevate it to the level of the center of the can, and solder the end of the vibrator rod to the metal. Tin Can and Bell Parts

Illustration: Tin Can and Bell Parts

Connect two dry cells to the bell vibrator, and adjust the contact screw until a clear tone is obtained. The rapidly moving armature of the bell vibrator causes the bottom of the can to vibrate with it, thus producing sound waves. The pitch of the tone depends on the thickness of the bottom of the can. This horn, if carefully adjusted and using two cells of dry battery, will give a soft pleasant tone that can be heard a block away. If the two projecting parts of the vibrator are sawed off with a hacksaw, it can be mounted on the inside of the can. This will make a very compact electric horn, as only the can is visible.-Contributed by John Sidelmier, La Salle, Ill.