Anyone can make a hammock as good as can be bought and that at a cost so small that every member of the family can possess one providing there are places enough for hanging .

The materials required are a needle about 7 in. long, and with a big eye, an iron ring for each end of the hammock, two long smooth sticks on which to knit the hammock and two pounds of strong hemp cord or twine. The twine may be colored in any color or combination of colors desired. A Roman stripe at each end of the hammock makes a pretty effect.

A hammock 45 in. wide will not be too large for solid comfort. To knit it first thread the big needle and holding it in the left hand, hold the cord in place with the thumb until you have looped the cord over the tongue, then pass the cord under the needle to the opposite side and catch it over the tongue. Repeat this operation until the needle is full. Cut a 2-yd. length of cord and make a loop and fasten to the door knob or to some other convenient place. Tie the cord on the needle to this loop 3 in. from the end of the loop. Place the small mesh stick under the cord with the beveled edge close to the loop, and, with a thumb on the cord to hold it in place, pass the needle around the stick and then, point downward, pass it through the loop from the top, and then bring it over the stick so forming the first half of the knot.

Pull this tight and hold in place with a thumb while throwing the cord over your hand, which forms the loop. Pass the needle from under through the loops and draw fast to fasten the knot. Hold this in place and repeat the operation.

Make 30 of these knots and then push off the stick and proceed in the same way with the next row, passing the needle first through each of the 30 knots made for the first row. Make 30 rows and then tie the last loops to the other iron ring. Stretchers may be made and put in place and the hammock, strong and durable, is finished. The work must be carefully and evenly done. One is apt to have a little trouble getting the first row right, but after that the work proceeds quite rapidly.