Gold Railroad Signals

Covering railroad signals with gold leaf has taken the place of painting on some roads. Gold leaf will stand the wear of the weather for 15 or 20 years, while paint requires recovering three or four times a year.

Home-Made X-Ray Instrument

Two cylinders, AA, are mounted on a base, B, and mirrors, CC, are fitted at an angle of 45 deg. into these cylinders. Corresponding mirrors, EE, are put in the base parallel with those in those cylinders. An opening extends downward from D of each cylinder so that light entering at one end of the cylinder is reflected down at right angles by the first mirror to the second, from the second to the third, from the third to the fourth which reflects the light to the eye. Thus the light never passes through the cylinders and the observer does not see through, but around any object inserted at X between the cylinders. Details of X Ray Machine

Illustration: Details of X-Ray Machine

Simple X-Ray Experiment

The outlines of the bones of the hand may be seen by holding a piece of rice paper before the eyes and placing the spare hand about 12 in. back of the rice paper and before a bright light. The bony structure will be clearly distinguishable. --Contributed by G.J. Tress, Emsworth, Pa.

Keeping Doors Closed

Glass doors in bookcases may be kept from swinging open by boring a hole, about 1/4 in. deep, either at the top or bottom in the edge of the door, 2 in. from the closing edge, and inserting an ordinary cork, allowing a small portion to project and rub on the facing.

Proper Design For A Bird House

This bird house was designed and built to make a home for the American martin. The house will accommodate 20 families. All the holes are arranged so they will not be open to the cold winds from the north which often kill the birds which come in the early spring. Around each opening is an extra ring of wood to make a longer passage which assists the martin inside in fighting off the English sparrow who tries to drive him out. The holes are made oval to allow all the little ones to get their heads out for fresh air. The long overhanging eaves protect the little birds from the hot summer sun.

Proper Design For A Bird House 359

The rooms are made up with partitions on the inside so each opening will have a room. The inside of the rooms should be stained black.

Hardening Copper

A successful method of hardening copper is to add 1 lb. of alum and 4 oz. arsenic to every 20 lb. of melted copper and stir for 10 minutes.

Dripping Carburetor

If gasoline drips from the carburetor when the engine is not running, the needle valve connected with the float should be investigated. If the dripping stops when the valve is pressed down, the float is too high. If the valve keeps dripping, then it should be ground to a fit.

Packing Cut From Felt Hats

Felt from an old hat makes good packing for automobile water-circulating pumps. Strips should be cut to fit snugly in the stuffing box. When the follower is screwed down, it will expand the felt and make a watertight joint.

Electric Light Turned On And Off From Different Places

How nice it would be to have an electric light at the turn in a stairway, or at the top that could be turned on before starting up the stair and on reaching the top turned out, and vice versa when coming down. The wiring diagram as shown in the illustration will make this a pleasant reality. This wiring may be applied in numerous like instances. The electric globe may be located at any desired place and the two point switches are connected in series with the source of current as shown in the sketch. The light may be turned on or off at either one of the switches. --Contributed by Robert W. Hall, New Haven, Conn. Electric Light Turned On And Off From Different Places The Wiring Diagram

Illustration: The Wiring Diagram

How To Make Water Wings

Purchase a piece of unbleached muslin, 1 yd. square. Take this and fold it over once, forming a double piece 1-1/2 ft. wide and 3 ft. long. Make a double stitch all around the edge, leaving a small opening at one corner. Insert a piece of tape at this corner to be used for tying around the opening when the bag is blown up. The bag is then turned inside out, soaked with water and blown up. An occasional wetting all over will prevent it from leaking. As these wings are very large they will prevent the swimmer from sinking. --Contributed by W. C. Bliss, St. Louis, Mo.

A Gas Cannon

If you have a small cannon with a bore of 1 or 1-1/2 in., bore out the fuse hole large enough to tap and fit in a small sized spark plug such as used on a gasoline engine. Fill the cannon with gas from a gas jet and then push a cork in the bore close up to the spark plug. Connect one of the wires from a battery to a spark coil and then to the spark plug. Attach the other wire to the cannon near the spark plug. Turn the switch to make a spark and a loud report will follow. --Contributed by Cyril Tegner, Cleveland, O. Gas Cannon Loaded

Illustration: Gas Cannon Loaded