Freezing Pipes

The water in hot water supply pipes will freeze quicker than water that has not been heated. This is because the air, which is a poor conductor of heat, has been driven out by the heat.

Temporary Spline

A piece of wire solder makes a good temporary spline for the draftsman.

Sawing Sheet Metal

Sheet metal placed between two boards in the jaws of a vise and clamped tightly, can be sawed easily with a hacksaw.

How To File Soft Metals

When filing soft metals, such as solder or babbitt metal, the file, after a few strokes, will become filled with metal, causing scratches on the surface being filed. The surface may be filed smooth, provided the file has been well oiled. The oil prevents the cutters from clogging and also allows the metal to yield easily. Oil the file every few minutes and use a card frequently in cleaning and the work will be smooth. -Contributed by Jno. E. Ganaway, Paducah. Ky.

A Monoplane Weather Vane

The toy windmill or weather vane shown in the sketch is made to represent a Blériot monoplane. The propeller is turned by the wind. The frame is made of heavy wire and connected with straps of tin. The construction is plainly shown in the illustration. The windmill vane can be made in any size to suit the builder. --Contributed by W. C. Bliss, St. Louis, Missouri.

Wire and Sheet Metal Vane

Wire and Sheet-Metal Vane

An Emergency Glass Funnel

An Emergency Glass Funnel 732

Secure a glass bottle having a small neck and tie a string saturated in kerosene around the outside at A and B as shown in the sketch. Light the string and allow it to burn until the glass is heated, then plunge the bottle quickly into water. The top or neck will then come off easily. The sharp edges are ground or filed off smooth. This will make a good emergency funnel which serves the purpose well for filling wide necked bottles.-Contributed by Jos. W. Sorenson, Everett, Wash.

To Longer Preserve Cut Flowers

A good way to keep cut flowers fresh is to place a small amount of pure salt of sodium in the water. It is best to procure this salt at a drug store because commercial salt will cause the flowers to wither, due to the impurities in the soda. Call for pure sodium chloride.

Fastening A Shade To A Roller

Tack the A in the usual manner and roll it as far back as possible and while in this position apply an ample quantity of glue near the tacks, as shown at B. A shade attached in this manner will not come loose from the roller.

Fastening A Shade To A Roller 736

Counter Brush For A Shop

A very serviceable brush for use around a shop can be made from a discarded or worn-out push broom as shown at A. Pull out the bristles from one-half of the brush and shape the wood of that end with a knife or spokeshave to the form of a handle, and the brush will be formed as shown at B.-Contributed by James T. Gaffney, Chicago.

Counter Brush For A Shop 744

A Discarded Push Broom Shaped to Form a Brush for the Bench or Counter

Vegetable Slicer

The slicer is made of a knife blade, screw and pin handle. The screw is soldered into the end of the knife blade. As the screw feeds into the vegetable or fruit, the blade will slice it in a curl of even thickness. --Contributed by H. C. Roufeldt, Toledo, O. Slicer In Vegetable

Illustration: Slicer In Vegetable

Replacing Ball Bearings

Never change a single ball in a bearing. Renew all.

A Novel Electric Time Alarm

All time alarms run by clockwork must be wound and set each time. The accompanying diagram shows how to make the connection that will ring a bell by electric current at the time set without winding the alarm. The bell is removed from an ordinary alarm clock and a small metal strip attached, as shown at B. An insulated connection is fastened on the clapper of the bell, as shown at A. The arm holding the clapper must be bent to have the point A remain as close to the strip B as possible without touching it. The connection to the battery is made as shown. When the time set for the alarm comes the clapper will be moved far enough to make the contact. In the course of a minute the catch on the clapper arm will be released and the clapper will return to its former place. Electric Time Alarm

Illustration: Electric Time Alarm

How To Make A Magazine Clamp

This device as shown in the illustration can be used to hold newspapers and magazines while reading. Two pieces of wood are cut as shown, one with a slot to fit over the back of a magazine and the other notched to serve as a clamp. The piece, A, may be slotted wide enough to insert two or three magazines and made long enough to hold several newspapers.

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