Holding A Loose Screw

A piece of sheet lead put on each side of a screw will fill up and hold the threads in a too large hole.

A Handy Drill Gauge

The accompanying sketch shows a simple drill gauge which will be found very handy for amateurs. The gauge consists of a piece of hard wood, 3/4 in. thick, with a width and length that will be suitable for the size and number of drills you have on hand. Drill a hole through the wood with each drill you have and place a screw eye in one end to be used as a hanger. When you want to drill a hole for a pipe, bolt, screw, etc., you take the gauge and find what size drill must be used in drilling the hole.-Contributed by Andrew G. Thome, Louisville, Ky. Drill Gauge

Illustration: Drill Gauge

How To Hold A Screw On A Screwdriver

A screw that is taken from a place almost inaccessible with the fingers requires considerable patience to return it with an ordinary screwdriver unless some holding-on device is used. I have found that by putting a piece of cardboard or thick paper with the blade of the screwdriver in the screw head slot, the screw may be held and turned into places that it would be impossible with the screwdriver alone. --Contributed by C. Chatland, Ogden, Utah.

Lubricating Woodscrews

A screw may be turned into hardwood easily, by boring a small hole and lubricating the screw threads with soft soap.

Wax Wood Screws

Some workmen use tallow on lag or wood screws. Try beeswax for this purpose. It is much cleaner to use and is just as good if not better.