To Preserve Putty

Putty, when left exposed to the air, will soon become dry and useless. I have kept putty in good condition for more than a year by placing it in a glass jar and keeping it entirely covered with water.

White Putty To Black

White putty on a black window frame can be made to harmonize by rubbing the fresh putty with a piece of cotton dipped in lampblack.

Iron Putty

A good filler used as a putty on iron castings may be made as follows: Take, by weight, 3 parts of stiff keg lead, 5 parts of black filler, 2 parts of whiting, 5 parts of pulverized silica and make into a paste with a mixture of one part each of coach japan, rubbing varnish and turpentine.

Replace Dry Putty

Painting over putty that has not become dry will cause scaling or cracking around the edges of the putty.

Mahogany Wood Putty

Mix venetian red with quite thick arabic muscilage, making it into a putty, and press this well into the cracks of mahogany before finishing. The putty should be colored to suit the finish of the wood, says the Master Painter, by adding such dry color to the gum as will give the best result.

A Putty Grinder

Having a large number of windows to putty each week, I found it quite a task to prepare the putty. I facilitated the work by using an ordinary meat cutter or sausage grinder. The grinder will soften set putty and will quickly prepare cold putty. It will not, however, grind old putty or make putty from whiting and oil. --Contributed by H. G. Stevens; Dunham, Que.