The accompanying engravings show a most interesting form of electrically operated illusion consisting of a box divided diagonally and each division alternately lighted with an electric lamp. By means of an automatic thermostat arranged in the lamp circuit causing the lamps to light successively, an aquarium apparently without fish one moment is in the next instant swarming with live gold fish; an empty vase viewed through the opening in the box suddenly is filled with flowers, or an empty cigar box is seen and immediately is filled with cigars.

These electric magic boxes as shown are made of metal and oxidized copper finished, but for ordinary use they can be made of wood in the same shape and size. The upper magic boxes as are shown in the engraving are about 12 in. square and 8-1/2 in. high for parlor use and the lower boxes are 18 in. square and 10-1/2 in. high for use in window displays. There is a partition arranged diagonally in the box as shown in the plan view, which completely divides the box into two parts. One-half the partition is fitted with a plain, clear glass as shown. The partition and interior of the box are rendered non-reflecting by painting with a dull, not shiny, black color. When making of wood, a door must be provided on the side or rear to make changes of exhibits. If the box is made large enough, or in the larger size mentioned, openings may be made in the bottom for this purpose, and also used in case of performing the magic trick of allowing two persons to place their heads in the box and change from one to the other. Construction of Magic Boxes

Illustration: Construction of Magic Boxes

The electric globes are inserted as shown at LL through the top of the box, one in each division. When the rear part is illuminated, any article arranged within that part will be visible to the spectator looking into the box through the front opening, but when the front part is illuminated, and the back left dark, any article placed therein will be reflected in. the glass, which takes the same position to the observer as the one in the rear. Thus a plain aquarium is set in the rear part and one with swimming fish placed in the front, and with the proper illumination one is changed, as it appears, into the other. When using as a window display, place the goods in one part and the price in the other. Many other changes can be made at the will of the operator. Four Electric Magic Boxes Complete for Use

Illustration: Four Electric Magic Boxes Complete for Use

Electric lamps may be controlled by various means to produce different effects. Lamps may be connected in parallel and each turned on or off by means of a hand-operated switch or the button on the lamp socket, or if desired a hand-operated adjustable resistance may be included in the circuit of each lamp for gradually causing the object to fade away or reappear slowly.

Instead of changing the current operated by hand, this may be done automatically by connecting the lamps in parallel on the lighting circuit and each connected in series with a thermostatic switch plug provided with a heating coil which operates to automatically open and close the circuit through the respective lamp.

When there is no electric current available, matches or candles may be used and inserted through the holes H, as shown in the sketch, alternately.