Telegraph Codes:

Morse Code is Used In The United States And Canada,

Continental Code is Used in Europe and elsewhere.

Phillips Code is used in the United States for"press"work.

Dash =2 dots. Long dash =4dots. Space between elements of a letter=1 dot. Space between letters of a word -2dots. In terra I in space d letters =2 dots,

Space between words =3 dots.





Morse Continental


: Colon --


, Comma

? Interrogation --

! Exclamation --

Fraction line




5 Paragraph -Italics or underline

()Parentheses -

LI Brackets \

'"'Quotation marks]

. Period


.--Colon dash

; Semicolon

, Comma

? Interrogation

! Exclamation

Fraction line



Pound Sterling - -

/Shilling mark

$ Dollar mark ----d Pence -Capitalized letter- -Colon followed bid quotation: '* J c Cents


Min. Minute. Msgr. Messenger Msk. Mistake, No. Number Nre. Nothing. N.M.No more. O.K. All right. Ofs. Office. Opr. Operator.

Decimal point-------------

<S Paragraph--------------Italics or underline--------------( ) Parentheses------------11 Brackets-------------- ■

" "Quotation marks--------------Quotation within)________.

a quotation"' '")

Abbreviations in Common Use

Sig. Signature. Co. Company.

Po.Paid. D.H. Deadhead

Qk. Quick. Ex. Express. GBAGive better address. Frt. Freight.

Bn. Been. Fr. From.

Bat. Battery. G.A. Go Ahead.

Bbl. Barrel. P.O. Post Office.

Col. Collect. R.RT. Repeat

Ck. Check Hqrs. Headquarters.

Tw. To-morrow. Tom. Telegram. Tkt. Ticket. Re. Receive. Ml. Mail. Lat. Latitude. Deb. Degree. An. Answer Exa. Extra.