Sec. 4934. The following shall be the rates for patent fees: On filing each original application for a patent, except in design cases, $15.00. On issuing each original patent, except in design cases, $20.00. In design cases: For three years and six months; $10.00; for seven years. $15.00; for fourteen years, $30.00. On filing each caveat, $10.00. On every application for the reissue of a patent, $30.00. On filing each disclaimer, $10.00. On an. appeal for the first time from the primary examiners to the examiners-in-chief, $10.00. On every appeal from the examiners-in-chief to the Commissioner, $20.00. For certified copies of patents and other papers, including certified printed copies, 10 cents per hundred words. For recording every assignment, agreement, power of attorney, or other paper, of three hundred words or under, $1.00; of over three hundred and under one thousand words, $2.00; of over one thousand words, $3.00. For copies of drawings, the reasonable cost of making them.

Sec. 4935. Patent fees may be paid to the Commissioner of Patents, or to the Treasurer, or any of the assistant treasurers of the United States, or to any of the designated depositaries, national banks, or receivers of public money, designated by the Secretary of the Treasury for that purpose; and such officer shall give the depositor a receipt or certificate of deposit therefor. All money received at the Patent Office, for any purpose, or from any source whatever, shall be paid into the Treasury as received, without any deduction whatever.

Sec. 4930. The Treasurer of the United States is authorized to pay back any sum or sums of money to any person who has through mistake paid the same into the Treasury, or to any receiver or depositary, to the credit of the Treasury, as for fees accruing at the Patent Office, upon a certificate thereof being made to the Treasurer by the Commissioner of Patents.