This society is a recent organization, the objects of which are to encourage geographical exploration and discovery; to investigate and disseminate geographical information by discussion, lectures, and publications; to establish in this, the chief maritime city of the Western States, for the benefit of commerce, navigation, and the industrial and material interests of the Pacific slope, a place where the means will be afforded of obtaining accurate information not only of the countries bordering on the Pacific ocean, but of every part of the habitable globe; to accumulate a library of the best books on geography, history, and statistics; to make a collection of the most recent maps and charts--especially those which relate to the Pacific coast, the islands of the Pacific and the Pacific ocean--and to enter into correspondence with scientific and learned societies whose objects include or sympathize with geography.

The society will publish a bulletin and an annual journal, which will interchange with geographical and other societies. Monthly meetings are to be held, at which original papers will be read or lectures be given; and to which, as well as to the entertainments to distinguished travelers, to the conversazioni, and to the informal evenings, the fellows of the society will have the privilege of introducing their friends. The initiation fee to the society is $10; monthly dues $1; life fellowship $100.

At a meeting held at the Palace Hotel on the 12th May, the following gentlemen were elected for the ensuing year: President, Geo. Davidson; Vice-Presidents, Hon. Ogden Hoffman, Wm. Lane Booker, H.B.M. Consul, and John R. Jarboe; Foreign Corresponding Sec., Francis Berton; Home Cor. Sec., James P. Cox; Treas., Gen. C. I. Hutchinson; Sec'y, C. Mitchell Grant, F.R.G.S. The council is composed of the following: Hon. Joseph W. Winans, Hon. J.F. Sullivan, Ralph C. Harrison, A.S. Hallidie, Thos. E. Stevin, F.A.G.S., W.W. Crane, Jr., W.J. Shaw, C.P. Murphy, Thos. Brice, Edward L.G. Steele, Gerrit L. Lansing, Joseph D. Redding. The Trustees are Geo. Davidson, Wm. Lane Booker, Hon. Jno. S. Hager, Geo. Chismore, M.D., Selim Franklin.