At the meeting of the Photographic Society of France, M. Girard showed his method of preparing cellulose in a state of powder, specially adapted for the production of pyroxyline for making collodion. Carded cotton-wool is placed in water, acidulated with 3 per cent. of sulphuric or nitric acid, and is left there from five to fifteen seconds; it is then taken out and laid on a linen cloth, which is then wrung so as to extract most of the liquid. In this condition there still remains from 30 to 40 per cent. of acidulated water; the cotton is divided into parcels and allowed to dry in the open air until it feels dry to the touch, though in this condition it still contains 20 per cent. of water. It is next inclosed in a covered jar, which is heated to a temperature of 65° C.; the desiccation therefore takes place in the closed space, and the conversion of the material is completed in about two or three hours. In this way a very perfect hydro-cellulose is obtained, and in the best form for producing excellent pyroxyline.--Corresp. Photo Mews.