I have received a letter from M. Borlinetto, in which he states that he has been induced by the analogy which exists between oxalic and succinic acids to try whether succinate of iron can be substituted for oxalate of iron as a developer. To prove this he prepared some proto-succinate of iron from the succinate of potassium and proto-sulphate of iron, following the method given by Dr. Eder for the preparation of his ferrous oxalate developer. He carried out the development in the same way as is done by the oxalate, and he found that the succinate of iron is even more energetic than the oxalate. The plate develops regularly with much delicacy, and gives a peculiar tone. It is necessary to take some fresh solution at every operation, on account of the proto-succinate of iron being rapidly converted into per-succinate by contact with the air.