Bleaching Or Dyeing Yarns And Goods In Vacuo 484 8b

Many attempts have been made to facilitate the penetration of textile fabrics by the dyeing and bleaching solutions, with which they require to be treated, by carrying out the treatment in vacuo, i.e., in such apparatus as shall allow of the air being withdrawn. The apparatus shown in the annexed engraving - Austrian Pat. Jan. 15, 1884 - although not essentially different from those already in use, embodies, the Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry says, some important improvements in detail. It consists of a drum A, the sides of which are constructed of stout netting, carried on a vertical axis working through a stuffing-box, which is fitted in the bottom of the outer or containing vessel or keir B. The air can be exhausted from B by means of an air pump. A contains a central division P, also constructed of netting, into which is inserted the extremity of the tube R, after being twice bent at a right angle. P is also in direct connection with the efflux tube E, E and R serving to convey the dye or bleach solutions to and from the reservoir C. The combination of the rotary motion communicated to A, which contains the goods to be dyed or bleached, with the very thorough penetration and circulation of the liquids effected by means of the vacuum established in B, is found to be eminently favorable to the rapidity and evenness of the dye or bleach.