Dr. Conrad Berens, of the University of Pennsylvania, reaches the following:

1. Chinoline tartrate is a powerful agent, producing death by asphyxia.

2. The drug increases the force and frequency of the respirations by stimulating the vagus roots in the lung.

3. It paralyzes respiration finally by a secondary depressant action upon the respiratory center.

4. It does not cause convulsions.

5. It lessens and finally abolishes reflex action by a direct action upon the cord, and by a slight action upon the muscles and nerves.

6. It diminishes or abolishes muscular contractility respectively when applied through the circulation or directly.

7. It coagulates myosin and albumen.

8. It causes insalivation by paralysis of the secretory fibers of the chorda tympani; increases the flow of bile; has no action upon the spleen.

9. It lowers blood-pressure by paralyzing the vaso-motor centers and by a direct depressant action upon the heart muscle.

10. It diminishes the pulse rate by direct action upon the heart.

11. It lowers the temperature by increasing the loss of heat.

12. It is a powerful antiseptic; and, finally,

13. Its paths of elimination are not known.