Probably few materials have been found more generally useful to the civil engineer, in works which are not of metal, than has been Portland cement. It should be noticed that during the last twenty-two years great improvements have been made in the grinding and in the quality of the cement. These have been largely due to the labors in England of our member, Mr. John Grant, to the labors of foreign engineers following in his footsteps, and to the zeal and intelligence with which the manufacturers have followed up the question, from a scientific as well as from a practical point of view, not resting until they were able with certainty to produce a cement such as the engineer needed. I do not know that there is very much to be said in the way of progress (so far as the finished results are concerned) in the materials which Portland cement and other mortars are intended to unite. Clean gravel and ballast and clean sand are, I presume, very much the same in the year 1884 as they were not only in the year 1862, but as they were in the year 1. The same remark applies to stone and to all other natural building materials; and, indeed, even the artificial material brick cannot in these days be said to surpass in quality the bricks used by the Romans in this island nineteen hundred years ago, but as regards the mode of manufacture and the materials employed there is progress to be noted.

The brick-making machine and the Hoffmann kiln have economized labor and fuel, while attempts have been made, which I trust may prove successful, for utilizing the clay which is to be found in the form of slate in those enormous mounds of waste which disfigure the landscape in the neighborhood of slate quarries. Certain artificial stones, moreover, appear at last to be made with a uniformity and a power of endurance, and in respect of these qualities compare favorably with the best natural stone, and still more favorably having regard to the fact that they can be made of the desired dimensions and shape, thus being ready for use without labor of preparation.