3448. If a mule turns over, it is worth two hundred and fifty dollars.

3449. A mule that cannot turn over is not worth fifty dollars.

3450. To pick up a coin in a mule's track, will bring good luck.

3451. It brings very good luck to stamp all the gray mules you see and all the gray horses.

3452. It causes bad luck to see a gray mule six times.

3453. If you stamp one hundred gray mules, you will have good luck.

3454. If you see a white mule, you will see a red-haired negro.

3455. Mean negroes return after death as mules.

3456. All bricklayers will turn to. gray mules when they die.........................Western Kentucky

3457. A muleshoe is a sign of bad luck. Do not keep one.

3458. A white mule will never die.

Whoever saw a dead gray mule or a poacher's grave?

3459. It brings bad luck for a rabbit to cross your path.

3460. To avert the bad luck attending the crossing of his path by a rabbit, the traveler must go back and start over.

3461. It brings bad luck for a rabbit to cross in front of you from right to left.

3462. If a rabbit crosses your path from right to left, be careful not to walk in the dark for three days.

3463. It causes good luck for a rabbit to cross before you from left to right,

3464. If a rabbit crosses the road from right to left in front of you, pull a hair out of your head, to change the bad luck to good.

3465. Avert the bad luck of a rabbit's crossing the road to your left by going to where it crossed, making a cross and spitting into it.

3466. It is well to kill the first rabbit you see in the winter..................................Mountains

3467. If you see two white rabbits at night, there will be a death in the family.........Western Kentucky

3468. You will have good luck if you wear the left hind leg of a graveyard rabbit, shot by a red-headed, cross-eyed negro in the dark of the moon.

3469. The good luck rabbit's foot is the left hind foot of a rabbit, killed in a graveyard at midnight, with a stick ten feet long.

3470. If you kill a rabbit in the light of the new moon and carry its foot around your neck, you will have good luck.

3471. The left hind foot of a rabbit shot in a graveyard at midnight in the dark of the moon with a bullet made out of a quarter found in a horse's track, will bring good luck.

3472. If you will get the left hind foot of a graveyard rabbit on a rainy Friday night, you will have good luck.

3473. You will have bad luck if you touch the left hind foot of a rabbit which has been killed at midnight in a cemetery on Friday, the thirteenth day of the month, by a cross-eyed negro.

3474. If one carries the ear of a jack-rabbit in his pocket, good luck will come.

3475. When you shiver without cause, a rabbit is stepping over your grave.

3476. If a rat cuts your clothes, it brings bad luck to mend the garment yourself.

3477. If a mouse or a rat gnaws your clothes, expect a death or a disaster.

3478. If a mouse eats your clothes, you will never live to wear them out.

3479. When rats increase in great numbers, a war is imminent .....................Central Kentucky

3480. If a rat runs up inside the clock, your dog will die.

3481. If you can auctioneer off a rat killed on your place, all the rats will go to the buyer. (You must receive some compensation.)

3482. Singe the hairs of a rat and turn it loose; the rest of the rats will leave..................Negroes

3483. If the inmates of a rat-infested house will write the name of some person on a piece of paper, well greased with lard, and put it where the rats will get it, telling them where they will find a better larder, they will forsake this house and go to that mentioned in the paper.......Western Kentucky

3484. To catch two mice in one trap brings bad luck.

3485. Rats abandon a doomed boat or a falling house.

3486. If when you open a drawer a rat runs out, you will have good luck.

3487. It causes bad luck to cross through sheep..............................North-eastern Kentucky

3488. To make an old ewe own her lamb, take the lamb by the feet and rub his back against her stomach. She will claim it..............Central Kentucky

3489. You will have good luck if a squirrel crosses the road in front of you.........Southern Kentucky

3490. It causes bad luck for a squirrel to cross your path...........................Western Kentucky

3491. If a ground squirrel that you are looking at goes to the right, you will know your lesson.

3492. If a ground squirrel that a schoolboy or girl is looking at goes to the left, the child will miss his lesson.

3493. A flying squirrel will always bark when he sees a ghost......................Western Kentucky

3494. It brings good luck to have a terrapin or mud turtle in your garden......................Mountain

3495. If you kill a toad, there will be rain.

3496. To kill a toad will bring bad luck.

3497. If you kill a toad, some of your family will die before the year is out.

3498. If you kill a toad, your cow will go dry.

3499. If you kill a toad, your cow will give bloody milk.

3500. By throwing a toad into a pond, you will cause the cows to give bloody milk.

3501. If you kill a toad, you will stump your toe.

3502. If you see a toad, you will stump your toe.

3503. If you do not spit when you see a toad, you will be sure to have a wart.

3504. If you bury a toad alive, you will see spirits........................................Mountains

(Contributed in this form: "If you Beary a frog and hit alive youl see hants.")

3505. At two o'clock on the first Thursday in July, toads turn pink in color. At half past two they regain their natural color.

3506. Carry the jawbone of a tree toad for luck - for example to keep out of jail.............Mountains