1408. If you stand a person against a tree and drive a nail into the tree just above his head, this process will cure toothache...........Western Kentucky

1409. To cure toothache, pick your tooth with a poplar peg until it bleeds, then wrap a yarn string around the peg, and get someone to bury it. Relief will come soon...................Central Kentucky

1410. To cure toothache, pick up a rock, spit on the under side, and put it back into the same place. Mountains

1411. If after your tooth is pulled you throw it over the left shoulder (or put it under a rock), you will have no toothache...................Mountains

1412. Pick your aching tooth with a splinter from a tree that has been struck by lightning.........................................Western Kentucky

1413. To prevent toothache, make a wish by the full moon..................................Mountains

1414. To cure toothache, go to a wood, find a small hickory tree, take your knife, stand by the tree and mark the place even with your mouth; then move back, turn up the bark, spit into the place, and turn the bark down again. If it grows back, your tooth will not hurt any more.........Mountains

1415. If you have swollen tonsils, place a live toad against them. The swelling will disappear........................................Southern Kentucky

1416. To cure abrasion in the toe, tie a yarn string around the toe.............................Mountains

1417. Place hops in a bag or in your clothes as a cure for train-sickness or sea-sickness.

1418. Put Irish potatoes in a traveling bag, to keep off train-sickness.

1419. A newspaper inside the shirt next to the skin will keep off train-sickness.

1420. To prevent train-sickness, wear a piece of writing paper on the chest.

1421. To prevent train-sickness, wear a pair of soles made of butchers' brown paper.North-eastern Kentucky

1422. You must not take turpentine externally unless you take it internally.

1423. For typhoid, cut a chicken in half and put one part against the sole of each foot.

1424. Sprinkle lime around the house, to protect the family from typhoid.................Mountains

1425. A piece of onion will keep off typhoid. .Mountains

1426. Tea made from the lining of a chicken's gizzard will cure vomiting.

1427. Tea made from elder bark peeled downward will cure vomiting.......................Mountains

1428. Peach-tree bark taken internally will cure vomiting

1429. To cause vomiting, put a wet tobacco leaf beneath the foot, under the arm, or on the stomach.

1430. You can make a wart go away by burying an apple secretly and saying this charm:

"As this apple decays, so let my wart go away"... ..................................Blue Grass

1431. Make an incision in the bark of an apple tree.

When the place grows over, your wart will be gone.

1432. Rub the wart with bacon rind. Bury it secretly. As it decays, the wart will disappear.

1433. Rub the warts with a piece of bacon. Tie a string around the bacon and bury it secretly. The warts will leave within nine days.

1434. Rub the wart with fresh beefsteak, tie a string around the steak, and bury it secretly. The wart will leave within nine days.

1435. Buy five cents worth of candy, eat it all, and your warts will disappear.

1436. For a wart cure, bury one bean or three beans secretly. When the beans sprout, the wart will be cured.

1437. Put wart blood on a bean leaf and bury it secretly

The wart will leave within nine days.

1438. As a cure for a wart, put blood from the wart on a bean leaf, pour water on the rock, and leave it. The wart will disappear.

1439. Take a bean leaf and squeeze its juice onto a wart.

The wart will be gone in three days.

1440. Get nine bean leaves and rub them nine times over your wart; then bury them where they will rot.

1441. Rub the wart with the underside of a round or ring bone. Bury the bone secretly. Within three weeks the wart will disappear.

1442. Kill a black cat, take it to a graveyard at midnight, and rub the cat on the wart.

1443. To make a wart go away, wash it in the blood of a black cat which was killed in the light of the moon.

1444. Pick the wart with a brass pin. Let one drop of blood fall on a stone. Cover the drop with another stone and then bury them secretly.

1445. Put castor oil on a wart.

1446. Rub a chicken gizzard or chicken intestine on a wart, to make it disappear.

1447. Rub coffee grounds on a wart; then put the coffee grounds into a bag and bury them.

1448. If you have warts, put as many cords under a rock as you have warts. When the cords rot, the warts will disappear.

1449. To cure warts, rub seven grains of corn on the warts; then feed the corn to your neighbor's chickens.

1450. To cure a wart, cut it, take ten grains of corn, and put them on the wart; then put them into a crawfish hole. The wart will go off.

1451. Pick a wart with a red grain of corn until it bleeds; then give the grain of corn to a red rooster.

1452. Pick the wart, put the blood from it on a grain of corn, and give it to a gander.

1453. Rub a wart with a grain of corn, and drop the grain into a well; when it rots the wart will disappear.

1454. Pick the largest or "seed" wart with a needle until it bleeds; then take as many grains of corn as you have warts and put a drop of blood on each. Feed these to a rooster.

1455. To remove warts, pick the part until it bleeds, put the blood on seven grains of corn, and feed them to one chicken.

1456. Some people can count warts off.

1457. Some people can rub a wart and conjure it off.

1458. If you cut a cross mark on a tree and then pick the wart until it bleeds and rub the blood on the cross mark, the wart will leave when the mark goes off the tree.