1459. To cure a wart, go to a cross-roads, make a cross, and spit into the middle of it.

1460. Rub a wart with the juice of a dandelion, to make it leave.

1461. If you have warts, wait until some one dies; then just at midnight go to the graveyard and call to the devil. He will take away the warts.

1462. Rub the wart with an old dishrag (some say, a stolen dishrag). Bury the rag. When it rots, the wart will be gone. The process must be done secretly.

1463. In the use of a stolen dishrag for the cure of a wart, throw it over your left shoulder into a pond.

1464. Tie a dog's hair around a wart very tightly; the wart will disappear.

1465. Steal an egg, rub it over the wart, and then bury it. Do not tell any one of your act. The wart will disappear.

1466. Cut your finger-nail to the quick. When it grows out, the wart will be gone.

1467. Catch a fish and rub the wart with it.

1468. Rub the wart seven times with a gold ring.

1469. Rub a wart with the end of a goose quill.

1470. In order to cure a wart, place a fresh piece of grape vine over the wart; then bury the vine in a secret place.

1471. If you drop some dirt from a new grave on a wart. it will go away.

1472. Get three pieces of gravel where the rain-water falls on them off the house; apply them to the wart; then tie them in a white rag and bury them.. Mountains

1473. To remove a wart, rub it with nine pieces of gravel, and then place the pieces in the fork of the roads.. ................................. Mountains

1474. Select an herb of each of three different kinds. Spit on each herb and touch the wart with it. Bury the herbs. Tell no one. The wart will disappear.

1475. Cut the wart off with a horse hair.

1476. Cut the wart off with a silk thread.

1477. If you kiss your wart and then kiss some one, your wart will come off...................Mountains

1478. Warts may be removed by lemon juice.

1479. As a cure for warts, steal a piece of meat, grease the warts, bury the meat under a rail fence or the eave of the house. When the meat rots, the warts will be gone.

1480. Rub the juice of milk-weed on the wart. It will be cured by the next morning. This remedy is possibly medicinal.

1481. When you see the new moon, pick up any object on which your foot rests and rub this article on the wart; then walk backwards ten steps and throw the object over your right shoulder. Very soon the wart will disappear.

1482. If you look at the new moon and rub your hand over the wart three times, saying each time, "You grow and you go," the wart will disappear.........................................Mountains

1483. When you see a new moon, rub your finger-tip around the wart. It will leave.

1484. Rub the wart with a stalk of green mustard.

1485. To remove a wart, one must pick it until it bleeds, then put the blood on a rusty nail, and drive the nail into the root of an oak tree.

1486. Give the warts on your hand names that you have never heard of and make some good wish about them; the warts will go off.

1487. To cure warts on cattle, name the animal that has the warts "Finny," and call it always by that name ..........................Southern Kentucky

1488. Smoke a nettle and stick it in the wart; then throw the nettle away.

1489. Count the warts each night for nine nights. They will leave.

1490. Let a friend of yours cut the wart on your hand and then put a drop of the blood on a piece of paper and hide it. The wart will leave.

1491. Cut the wart. Put a drop of blood on a piece of the wart on paper. Throw the paper away at a cross-roads or over the left shoulder. If any one picks up the paper, your wart will pass to him. Secrecy must be observed.

1492. Rub the warts with peach-tree leaves and bury the leaves. When they rot, the warts will leave.

1493. Go unseen to a young peach-tree and cut with a butcher knife as many notches in the tree as you have warts. Put the knife back into its place. In seven days the warts will go away.

1494. Cut three notches in a peach-tree limb. When the notches are filled up, the wart will be gone.

1495. To remove a wart, rub a penny over the wart for nine mornings.

1496. Pick the wart until it bleeds. Split the bark of a persimmon tree and put the blood within. When the split grows up, the wart will leave.....................................Western Kentucky

1497. If someone gives you a pin and if you then close your eyes and turn around three times, your wart will disappear................Central Kentucky

1498. Pick your wart with a pin; blindfold yourself and stick the pin into the ground; the wart will disappear ....................Southern Kentucky

1499. Thrust a pin entirely through a wart; heat the point of the pin; pull the heated point back through the wart ......................Western Kentucky

1500. Pick a wart with a pin that has never been used and throw it where it can never be found. Your wart will disappear.......................Mountains

1501. To remove a wart, rub it with a pin that belongs to someone other than a relation of yours. Then hide the pin.....................Western Kentucky

1502. The warts will go away if you give a girl who is not related to you a pin or anything like a pin.........................................Mountains

1503. Put poke-root on the warts, to remove them.

1504. If you rub a wart with a fresh piece of potato once or twice each day, it will fall out within two weeks.

1505. Throw a piece of potato over your left shoulder. When the potato sprouts, your wart will be cured.

1506. If you boil potatoes and wash your hands in the juice, your warts will leave.

1507. Rub a person's wart three times; on the third time say, "Father, Son and Holy Ghost"... Mountains

1508. Pick a wart until it bleeds; rub salt over it; wrap the salt up in a piece of paper; throw the paper into the road. The wart will disappear.