3078. To burn a letter will bring good luck... Mountains

3079. To tear a letter and bury the pieces under a log will bring good luck.................Mountains

3080. If you fold a letter in nine folds and put it into a glove, and then sleep on the glove, you will dream how to answer the letter.

3081. To put a stamp on a letter accidentally bottom side upwards means that you will not receive an answer.

3082. It is a sign of great disappointment to get a letter with the stamp turned upside down.

3083. If a stamp is upside down on a letter that you receive, your best friend will leave you.

3084. It brings bad luck to put a one-cent stamp on a letter by mistake.

3085. If a stamp is put on an envelope pointing to the right, it means, "Go quick."

3086. If a stamp is put on an envelope pointing to the left, it means, "I am angry."

3087. If a stamp is put on an envelope upside down, it is a sign of love.

3088. If you wrap a hundred canceled postage stamps in white paper, tie them with a red twine string, and throw them out of the back window, you will find money ............................Mountains

3089. If you write the initials of the person from whom you wish a letter on a piece of pie and eat the pie, you will get the letter.

3090. If you find an unopened letter on the street, you will soon have good news.

3091. If you receive a note with one corner folded by mistake, you will have a quarrel with the person who sent it.............................Blue Grass

3092. No news is a sign of good news.

3093. If you pick up a book and turn it upside down, a letter with bad news in it will come to you.