616. "Marry when the year is new,

You will always be loving, kind, and true."

617. Marriage and the months:

"January, always poor. February, wed once more. March, splendid catch. April, happy match. May, turn to hate. June, enviable fate. July, poorly mated. August, better have waited. September, very wealthy. October, extremely healthy. November, quick undoing. December, Cupid's wooing."

618. Do not marry in March, unless on the twentyseventh.

619. The months of April, June, and October are fortunate months for a wedding.........Blue Grass

620. May is a bad month for a marriage, especially the fourteenth of May.

621. If you marry in June, your husband will be good to you...............................Mountains

622. June is the month of love and marriage.

623. "Marry when June roses blow,

Over land and sea you'll go"..........Mountains

624. It brings bad luck to marry on the last day of the year.

625. "Married on Monday, married for health,

Married on Tuesday, married for wealth. Married on Wednesday, the best day of all. Married on Thursday, married for losses. Married on Friday, married for crosses. Married on Saturday, no luck at all."

626. Thursday is a fortunate day on which to be married..................................Mountains

627. Saturday is now a favorite day on which to be married.

628. To postpone a wedding causes bad luck.

629. "Married in gray, you'll go far away.

Married in black, you'll wish yourself back. Married in brown, you'll live out of town. Married in red, you'll wish yourself dead. Married in pearl, you'll live in a whirl. Married in green, ashamed to be seen. Married in yellow, jealous of your fellow. Married in blue, he'll always be true. Married in pink, your spirits will sink. Married in white, you have chosen right."

630. "If you marry in blue, your love will be true."

631. "If you marry in green,

You'll always be seen."

632. "If you marry in yellow,

You'll get another fellow."

633. It is considered unlucky for the bride to wear red, yellow, or green.

634. Blue and white are considered lucky colors for a bride. 635. If a bride wears a pearl, she will shed tears.

636. If you marry in red, your husband will die.

637. A bad dream on the eve of her wedding is unlucky for a bride...................Central Kentucky

638. A bride must not ride a horse to a wedding nor a bride-groom a mare...........Central Kentucky

639. A bride should not ride a gray steed - by no means a gray horse and not even a gray mare......................................Central Kentucky

640. A bride should ride a black mare to the wedding rather than any other steed.....Central Kentucky

641. To go through a spider web brings good luck to a bride. 642. The bride who finds a spider on her wedding dress may consider herself blessed.

643. The bride who marries on a rainy day will have a stormy married life.

644. Rain on the wedding day means just as many tears for the bride.

645. If it rains on your wedding day, you will have to scratch for your living.......Southern Kentucky

646. "Happy is the bride the sun shines on,

Tears for the bride the rain falls on."

647. If rain falls on the wedding day, the bride will be a bad housekeeper....................Mountains

648. An especially bad thunderstorm during a wedding means an unhappy married life.

649. If it rains on your wedding night, you will shed as many tears as there are drops of rain.......................................Louisville Negroes

650. If it rains the day before your wedding day, the bridegroom will weep as many tears as there are raindrops.

651. Rain on the day after marriage means many sorrows for the bride..........................Negroes

652. Snow falling on the wedding day is a prophecy of great happiness.

653. Snow on the wedding day brings money.

654. The marriage will be unhappy if the bride is seen by her fiance an hour before the wedding. 655. It brings good luck for a bride to weep on her wedding day.

656. It is lucky to be married in the full of the moon..............................Western Kentucky

657. A bride must not see the groom on her wedding day until the wedding.

658. If a bride-to-be gets to the altar before the groom, the love is mostly on the bride's side.

659. It brings bad luck to have peacock feathers in a room when a wedding takes place.

660. If a bat flies into a church during a wedding ceremony, very bad luck will follow.

661. A bride should wear "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a four-leaved clover in the heel of her shoe."

662. Money in the heel of the bride's left shoe insures wealth. 663. If a bride goes to the altar with salt in her pocket, she will always be happy.............Blue Grass

664. It brings good luck for a bride to carry another bride's handkerchief.

665. If the bridegroom carries a miniature horseshoe in his pocket, he will always have good luck.

666. Orange blossoms in wedding decoration or worn by the bride bring good luck.

667. It brings bad luck for a bride to make her own clothes.....................Western Kentucky

668. It causes bad luck for the bride's dress to be seen on her until the night of the wedding.

669. A bride should not show her veil to anyone outside of her family, and she should especially not try it on before anyone.

670. To get the wedding veil torn accidentally is the best of luck to the bride.

671. A touch of blood on the bride's dress indicates bad luck.

672. If you prick your finger when sewing on a wedding dress, so that a drop of blood falls on it, the bride will never be married.

673. If while the trousseau is being made a needle is broken, this accident is ominous for the bride.

674. It causes bad luck for a bride to look into a mirror as the last act before marriage.

675. If a bride breaks a mirror, seven years of bad luck are in store for her.

676. Do not have a mirror in a room in which a wedding takes place, for the first unmarried woman who sees her image in it will die soon.......................................North-eastern Kentucky

677. The position before a mirror is unlucky for the married pair..........................Blue Grass

678. It is lucky for a wedding pair to stand on a white fur rug.....................Western Kentucky

679. It is unlucky for a wedding pair to stand so as to face across the boards of the floor.........Blue Grass

680. If a padlock is locked as a couple are pronounced man and wife, they will separate.

681. If you marry as the hand of the clock goes up, you will rise in the world.

682. If you marry as the hand of the clock goes down, you will not succeed in the world.

683. Marry young, you marry trouble.

684. To drop the wedding ring in the service is unlucky.

685. If a physician witnesses a wedding, someone present will die within a year.

686. It causes good luck for the family cat to be present at a wedding.......................Mountains

687. The throwing of an old shoe after the wedded pair averts bad luck and malevolent influences.

688. The throwing of rice after a couple increases the probability of their having children.

689. "A change of name but not of letter

Is a change for the worse and not for the better."

690. A bride should remove her wedding ring to put it back on before leaving the church and then never take it off again.

691. Do not give a bride gold........Central Kentucky

692. The bride's bunch of roses is caught by the one who will be the next to marry.

693. The wedding cake contains certain articles which are symbolic. These articles are a ring, a needle or thimble, bachelor's buttons, a coin, a pen, a wishbone, a four-leaved clover. These articles are cut from the cake.

694. If you lend something to a bride or a groom, you will yourself be married the next year.

695. To find anything belonging to a bride means good luck.

696. Kiss the bride for good luck.

697. If you kiss a bride after the ceremony has taken place and before the newly-made husband has a chance to kiss her, you will have good luck throughout the year.

698. If a newly-married couple both think of the same person on their wedding day, that person will be the first one to visit them......Western Kentucky

699. At an older sister's wedding the younger sister should dance without shoes. Otherwise there will be bad luck.

700. If a bridesmaid goes to bed backward with her hand over her heart, she will be married before the year is out, provided the first man she sees in the morning is an old one.

701. It brings bad luck for the bride and a bridegroom to part the day they are married.

702. The loss of a wedding ring is thought a prediction of a calamity.

"As the wedding ring wears,

So wear away life's cares."

To lose a wedding ring within the first month of marriage augurs great misfortune.

703. It indicates bad luck for a bride to stumble at her husband's door.

704. A bride who steps on the threshold of her new home when entering it for the first time will never have a happy married life.

705. If a newly wedded pair take a little meat and a little meal into the house, they will never want........................................Mountains

706. Of a couple newly married, the first one in bed will be the first one to die................Mountains

707. There will be no good luck for the bride until the wedding clothes are worn out.