2570. If the rain gets thick and heavy, almost like mist, the weather will turn cold.

2571. The presence of a great quantity of mistletoe in the fall indicates that a severe winter will follow.

2572. An abundance of wild fruits in the fall is a sign of a cold winter.

2573. When the new moon stands on end, it is generally thought that the weather during the following month will be dry.

2574. When the new moon lies on its back, that is, when the horns extend upward, it is generally thought that the following month will be dry, for the moon will hold water. Some believe, however, that such a moon betokens wet weather.

2575. When a new moon lies sufficiently on its side to allow an Indian's powder horn to be hung on the point, the moon will be a dry one.

2576. A ring around the moon with a star in it brings clear weather.

2577. "Circle around the moon, rain soon;

Circle around the sun, rain none."

2578. When the moon has a ring around it, there will be as many rainy days that week as there are stars in the ring.

2579. A ring around the moon is a sign of rain or bad weather, which will begin in as many days as there are stars enclosed in the circle.

2580. The number of rings around the moon shows how many days there will be before the rain.

2581. A circle around the moon with two stars in it is a sign that it will rain in two days.

2582. If there are seven stars in a circle around the moon, there will be rain for seven hours.

2583. The presence of two rings around the full moon brings snow within twenty-four hours.

2584. If the moon changes in the morning, there will be rain...................North-eastern Kentucky

2585. If the moon changes in the afternoon or evening, there will not be rain. .. .North-eastern Kentucky

2586. A ring around the moon is a sign of cold weather.

2587. No frost will fall when a full moon is shining.

2588. Any month when the moon is north of due west is a cold month.

2589. Any month when the moon is south of due west is a hot month.

2590. If there is a ring around the moon, rain may be expected. The nearer it is, the sooner will the rain come.

2591. When the moon hangs low in the south, there will be mild weather.

2592. The number of days old the moon is when it snows for the first time is the number of times it will snow that year.

2593. The bad weather of January 1915 was explained by the presence of two full moons that month.

2594. The growing of moss on the south side of trees means that a cold winter may be expected.

2595. If a mule looks toward the north, expect cold weather.

2596. If you drive a nail into the ground, there will be . rain the next day............Western Kentucky

2597. If you see a negro, it will rain.

2598. If the nut crop fails, the winter will be mild........................................Mountains

2599. If the nut crop is heavy, the winter will be severe. ...................................Mountains

2600. An owl's hooting indicates the coming of heavy rain..................................Mountains

2601. The hooting of owls indicates a change of weather....................................Mountains

2602. When an owl screams on the top of a mountain, dry weather may be expected.............Mountains

2603. When peacocks cry a great deal in winter, the cold weather is over.

2604. There will be rain when the peacocks run crying along the ground.

2605. The cry of a peacock is followed by rain.

2606. It brings bad luck to play a piano when a storm is going on.

2607. If you lick your plate at breakfast, there will be rain before supper...........Southern Kentucky

2608. Preparation for rain scares it away.

2609. The crying of rabbits is followed by heavy and continuous rain .......................Mountains

2610. "Rainbow at night, shepherds' delight. Rainbow in the morning, shepherds' warning."

2611. "Rainbow in morn, sailors warned. Rainbow at night, sailors' delight. Rainbow at noon, more rain soon."

2612. If a rainbow bends over a house, there will be a death in that house...........Western Kentucky

2613. A rainbow in the west is a sign of wet weather.

2614. A rainbow in the east is a sign of dry weather.

2615. If you see a rainbow, there will not be any more rain that day.

2616. If a raincrow calls late in the evening, there will be rain next day.

2617. The redbird's whistle is a sign of rain.

2618. When a redbird says, "Wet, wet," a heavy rain may be expected.

2619. If a redbird that you are looking at flies to the right, the weather will turn cold.

2620. When redbirds fly low, you may look for bad weather.

2621. An attack of rheumatism means the coming of rain soon.

2622. Every time your rheumatism hurts you, you may look for rain.

2623. Sweating rocks are a sign of rain.

2624. If you kick up the rug several times, you may look for rain.

2625. If you drop salt on the ground, you may look for rain.......................Western Kentucky

2626. If the sun draws water in the evening, it is a sign of approaching rain (cf. 2656).

2627. If it has not been raining for a day and is cloudy, and if a patch of sky large enough to make a sailor a pair of trousers is seen before ten o'clock, it will not rain that day.

2628. "Mackerel sky, not twenty-four hours dry."

2629. "A mackerel sky never leaves the earth three days dry."

2630. A mare's tail in the sky is a sign of rain.

2631. A blue spot of sky as large as a Dutchman's trousers means that the weather will be clear.

2632. If smoke goes straight up, there will be clear weather.

2633. If smoke stays close to the ground, there will be high winds and bad weather.

2634. If the smoke from a train is white and cloudlike, there will be fair weather.