to Notify—Liability.

Question 566.— A New York bank instructs a Halifax bank by wire as follows: " Notify and pay A, $1,000." Through oversight A was not notified, and, according to his statement, lost a valuable contract through not receiving the money. Has he any claim on the Halifax bank or the N. Y. bank for the loss incurred?

Answer.—A clearly has no right of action against the Halifax bank. Whether he would have a claim against the New York bank, or the New York's customer who was sending the money, would depend altogether on the facts.

Under ordinary circumstances, and in the absence of any special arrangement or understanding, the New York bank would probably not be under any liability to the party to whom the money was to be transmitted, and, of course, the Halifax bank could not be held responsible if the New York bank was not. The question is, however, one which could only be answered with a full knowledge of all the facts.