Question 567.— Do you consider it safe for a bank to hold funds which are at a customer's credit, on a telegraphic request from another bank which is about to cash the customer's cheque? What would be the result if another cheque should be dishonoured before the first cheque was presented ? What if the cheque for which the funds were held proved to be forged, or if payment were countermanded by the drawer ?

Answer.—This is one of the practices which as a practice is found to work very well, but in theory is quite indefensible. A bank cannot accept or pay a cheque until it is actually presented, and notwithstanding such a telegraphic request or promise, the money is still at the customer's credit, and he has a right to say what shall be done with it. The refusal of another cheque under the circumstances mentioned might therefore expose the bank to a claim by the customer for damages, and this would be the result whether the cheque telegraphed about were forged or not, or if it were subsequently countermanded.