The Theories Of Their Relation.

By Alexander Bain, LL. D.

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Professor Bain is the author of two well-known standard works upon the Science Mind - "The Senses and the Intellect," and "The Emotions and the Will." He is one of the highest living authorities in the school which holds that there can be no sound or valid psychology unless the mind and the body are studied, as they exist, together.

"It contains a forcible statement of the connection between mind and body, studying their subtile interworkings by the light of the most recent physiological investigations. The summary in Chapter V., of the investigations of Dr. Lionel Beale of the embodiment of the intellectual functions in the cerebral system, will be found the freshest and most interesting part of his book. Prof. Bain's own theory of the connection between the mental and the bodily part in man is stated by himself to be as follows: There is ' one substance, with two sets of properties, two sides, the physical and the mental-a double-faced unity.' While, in the strongest manner, asserting the union of mind with brain, he yet denies ' the association of union in place,' but asserts the union of close succession in time,' holding that 'the same being is, by alternate fits, under extended and under unextended consciousness." ' - Christian Register.

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