By Sheldon Amos, M. A.,

Professor of Jurisprudence in University College, London; author of " A Systematic

View of the Science of Jurisprudence," "An English Code, its Difficulties and the Modes of overcoming them," etc., etc.

I vol.,12mo. Cloth.....Price, $1.75.

"The valuable series of 'International Scientific works, prepared by eminent specialists, with the intention of popularizing information in their several branches of knowledge, has received a good accession in this compact and thoughtful volume. It is a difficult task to give the outlines of a complete theory of law in a portable volume, which he who runs may read, and probably Professor Amos himself would be the last to claim that he has perfectly succeeded in doing this. But he has certainly done much to clear the science of law from the technical obscurities which darken it to minds which have had no legal training, and to make clear to his ' lay' readers in how true and high a sense it can assert its right to be considered a science, and not a mere practice." - Tht Christian Register.

"The works of Bentham and Austin are abstruse and philosophical, and Maine's require hard study and a certain amount of special training. The writers also pursue different lines of investigation, and can only be regarded as comprehensive in the departments they confined themselves to. It was left to Amos to gather up the result and present the science in its fullness. The unquestionable merits of this, his last book, are, that it contains a complete treatment of a subject which has hitherto been handled by specialists, and it opens up that subject to every inquiring mind. . . . To do justice to ' The Science of Law' would require a longer review than we have space for. We have read no more interesting and instructive book for some time. Its themes concern every one who renders obedience to laws, and who would have those laws the best possible. The tide of legal reform which set in fifty years ago has to sweep yet higher if the flaws in our jurisprudence are to be removed. The process of change cannot be better guided than by a well-informed public mind, and Prof. Amos has done great service in materially helping to promote this end." - Buffalo Courier.

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