Edited by Professor Davis R. Dewey. With portrait. 454 + 481 pp. 2 vols. 8vo. $6.00, net.

Vol. I. Finance and Taxation, Money and Bimetallism, Economic Theory. Vol. II. Statistics, National Growth, Social Economics.

The author had hoped to bring these papers together himself.

The Dial: "Professor Dewey has performed a real service to the public, as well as to the memory of his late chief. . . . In the present collection the editor has not included everything General Walker ever wrote, but has aimed, so far as possible, to avoid repetitions of thought. . . there are some discussions of the national finances in the period following the Civil War, which have a timely as well as historical interest at the present time. . . . To improve the census was General Walker's work for many years, and his experience cannot fail to be of interest to the present generation. . . . Economics in the hands of this master was no dismal science, because of his broad sympathies, his healthy conservative optimism, his belief in the efficacy of effort; and, in a more superficial sense, because of his saving sense of humor and his happy way of putting things, ... he was the fortunate possessor of a very pleasing literary style, . . . clear and interesting to the general reader, as well as instructive to the careful student."

The Outlook: "This book makes accessible for students the miscellaneous work of one of America's greatest political economists. . . . Dr. Dewey has performed his critical work with the reverence of a disciple, and reprioted in full all the more important contributions."

Political Science Quarterly; "The collection embraces between fifty and sixty articles, all of them characterized by the forceful reasoning and balanced judgment of the gifted author."

Henry Holt & CO. 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago x, 1900

"A Fitting Memorial To Its Author." - The Dial A Notable Book By The Late Francis A. Walker

President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology