Edited by James Phinney Munroe. 8vo. $3.00, net.

The author had hoped himself to collect these papers in a volume. They are grouped under Technological Education, Manual Education, The Teaching of Arithmetic and College Problems (including College Athletics). A Valedictory appropriately closes the book.

The Outlook: "Space fails us here to transcribe some passages we had marked as maxims for the times. So long as the reforms and improvements in our educational methods which General Walker advocated, not without some success, are but partially accomplished, will this volume of expert testimony deserve to be close at hand to those with whom is the responsibility of direction."

The Dial: "A fitting memorial to its author. . . The breadth of his experience, as well as the natural range of his mind, are here reflected. The subjects dealt with are all live and practical. . . . He never deals with them in a narrow or so-called 'practical' way."

The Boston Transcript: "Two of his conspicuous merits characterize these papers, the peculiar power he possessed of enlisting and retaining the attention for what are commonly supposed to be dry and difficult subjects, and the capacity he had for controversy, sharp and incisive, but so candid and generous that it left no festering wound."

The Review of Reviews: "A strong presentation of the scope and dignity of technological education, and its relations to other forms of culture."

The School Review: "The scope and power of the contents make the work a permanent contribution to the development of educational thought and principle.'

Earlier Books By Gen, Francis A. Walker

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