By Francis A. Walker, Professor of Political Economy and History in the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College, and Lecturer in Political Economy in the Johns Hopkins University ; author of "The Statistical Atlas of the United States," etc. 550 pp. 12mo. $2.00.

"A real treasure house of information. . . . We do not recall the name of an author of any important contribution to the discussion of the laws of money who is not here briefly, but intelligently, quoted. . . . The essential facts of monetary experience in every country are presented with sufficient fulness and with judicious mingling of authority on disputed points. The work will win a very honorable place for its author among the few who are advancing toward the mastery of a most difficult science." - N.Y. Tribune.

Money In Its Relations To Trade And Industry

By Francis A. Walker. 339 pp. 12mo. $1.25.

"The present volume is of a more popular nature than his previous one on Money, but certainly is not on that account less important. Viewed in its immediate relation to the money questions of the day which are entering more and more into politics and becoming therefore active levers for the advancement of society, . . . adapted to easy comprehension by a mixed audience, it is a publication of greater moment than its more elaborate and critical predecessor." - Boston Courier.

International Bimetallism

By Francis A. Walker. 297 pp. 12mo. $1.25.

"The best book yet published in the English language for the exposition of the distinctively economic questions at issue between bimetahists and monometallists." - The Outlook.

"An elaborate study of bimetallism from the first bimetallist in the United States, and there is not a syllable in it that is favorable to the free, unlimited, and independent coinage of silver by the United States." - Christian Register.

Henry Holt & CO. 29 West23d Street New York


A Treatise on Wages and the Wages Class. By Francis A. Walker, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Political Economy and History in Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College; late chief of the U. S. Bureau of Statistics; Superintendent of the Ninth Census; author of the Statistical Atlas of the United States, etc. 438 pp. 12mo. $2.00.

"The most complete and exhaustive treatise on the wages question with which we are acquainted. . . . The general correctness of its line of argument is in striking contrast to much that has been written on the subject." - Nation.

"The subject, which is commonly reckoned dry and uninteresting, is treated in such a manner as to interest and entertain, as well as instruct the reader. The author has done a great deal of honest and conscientious work in the way of educating the people in political economy and the true principles of finance." - N. Y. Times.

Political Economy

By Francis A. Walker, President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (American Science Series.)

Advanced Course. 537 pp. 8vo. Revised and enlarged.

$2.00, net.

"I have found the work particularly useful because of its vivid quality. It serves better than any other book I know of as an intro-uction to the most modern point of view as to economical questions, - to that political economy, so recently developed and still so full of promise, which essays to understand the world of actual fact. In using President Walker's book in the class-room, too, one feels that he is leading his class under the wing of a first-rate original authority." - Prof. Woodrow Wilson 0f Princeton.

Briefer Course. 415 pp. 12mo. $1.20, net.

"The best introduction to political economy in the English Ian-guage." - Professor E. R. A. Seligman of Columbia.

Elementary Course. 323 pp. 12010. $1.00, net.

"To my mind a piece of work not surpassed by any other like contribution to economic literature - not even by Mill himself."- Prof. Simon N. Patten of the University of Pennsylvania.

Henry Holt & CO.

29 West 23d Street New York