Price 1s. in paper covers, and 1s. 6d. in cloth.

1. Bacon's Essays. With Introduction and Notes.

2. Lessing's Laokoon. Beasley's Translation, revised, with Introduction, Notes, etc, by Edward Bell, M.A.

3. Dante's Inferno. Translated, with Notes, by Rev. H. F. Cary.

4. Goethe's Faust. Part I. Translated, with Introduction, by

Anna Swanwick.

5. Goethe's Boyhood. Being Tart I. of the Autobiography.

Translated by J. Oxenford.

6. Schiller's Mary Stuart and The Maid of Orleans. Translated by J. Mellish and Anna Swanwick.

7. The Queen's English. By the late Dean Alford.

8. Life and Labours of the late Thomas Brassey. By Sir

A. Helps, K.C.B.

9. Plato's Dialogue's: The Apology-Crito-Phaedo-Protagoras.

With Introductions.

10. Moliere's Plays : The Miser-Tartuffe-The Shopkeeper turned

Gentleman. With brief Memoir.

11. Goethe's Reineke Fox, in English Hexameters. By A. Rogers.

12. Oliver Goldsmith's Plays.

13. Lessing's Plays : Nathan the Wise-Minna von Barnhelm.

14. Plautus's Comedies: Trinummus - Menaechmi - Aulularia -


15. Waterloo Days. By C. A. Eaton. With Preface and Notes by

Edward Bell.

16. Demosthenes-On the Crown. Translated by C. Rann


17. The Vicar of Wakefield.

18. Oliver Cromwell. By Dr. Reinhold Pauli.

19. The Perfect Life. By Dr. Channing. Edited by his nephew,

Rev. W. H. Channing.

20. Ladies in Parliament, Horace at Athens and other pieces, by Sir George Otto Trevelyan, Bart.

21. Defoe's The Plague in London.

22. Irving's Life of Mahomet.

23. Horace's Odes, by various hands. [Out of print.

24. Burke's Essay on 'The Sublime and Beautiful.' With Short Memoir.

25. Hauff's Caravan.

26. Sheridan's Plays.

27. Dante's PURGATORIO. Translated by Cary.

28. Harvey's Treatise on the Circulation of the Bi.ood.

29. Cicero's Friendship and Old Age.

Others in preparation.


London: Printed by Strangkways & Sons, Tower Street, Cambridge Circus, W.C