Thoroughly revised and improved dvChauncey A. Goodrich, D.D., LL.D., and Noah Porter, D.D., of Yale College.


New Edition [1880], with a Supplement of upwards of 4600 New Words and

Meanings. 1628 Pages. 3000 Illustrations.

The features of this volume, which render it perhaps the most useful Dictionary for general reference extant, as it is undoubtedly one of the cheapest books ever published, are as follows :-

1. Completeness.-It contains 114,000 words.

2. Accuracy of Definition.

3. Scientific and Technical Terms.

4. Etymology.

5. The Orthography is based, as far as possible, on Fixed Principles.

6. Pronunciation.

7. The Illustrative Citations.

8. The Synonyms.

9. The Illustrations, which exceed 3000.

Cloth, 21s.; half-bound in calf, 30s.; calf or half russia, 31s. 6d.; rassia, 2l.

With New Biographical Appendix, containing over 9700 Names.


Contains, in addition to the above matter, several valuable Literary Appendices, and 70 extra pages of Illustrations, grouped and classified.

1 vol. 1919 pages, cloth, 31s. 6d.

' Certainly the best practical English Dictionary extant'-Quarterly Review,1873

Prospectuses, u/ith Specimen Pages, sent post free on application.

* * * To be obtained through all Booksellers.