Price Is. each.

A Series of Complete Stories or Essays, mostly reprinted from Vols, in

Bohn's Libraries, and neatly bound in stiff paper cozier, with cut edges, suitable for Railway Reading.

ASCHAM (Roger). Scholemaster. By Professor Mayor.

CARPENTER (Dr. W. B.;. Physiology of Temperance and Total Abstinence.

EMERSON. England and English

Characteristics. Lectures on the Race, Ability, Manners, Truth, Character, Wealth, Religion. etc. etc.

----- Nature : An Essay. To which are added Orations, Lectures, and Addresses.

----- Representative Men : Seven Lectures on Plato, Sweden borg, Montaigne, Shakespeare, Napoleon, and Goethe.

-----Twenty Essays on Various Subjects.

-----The Conduct of Life.

FRANKLIN (Benjamin). Autobiography. Edited by J. Sparks.

HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel). Twice-told Tales. Two Vols, in One.

----- Snow Image, and Other Tales.

----- Scarlet Letter.

----- House with the Seven Gables.

----- Transformation; or the Marble

Fawn. Two Parts.

HAZLITT (W.). Table-talk: Essays on Men and Manners. Three Parts.

----- Plain Speaker : Opinions on Books,

Men, and Things. Three Parts.

- Lectures on the English Comic Writers.

-----Lectures on the English Poets.

-----Lectures on the Characters of

Shakespeare's Plays.

-----Lectures on the Literature of the Age of Elizabeth, chiefly Dramatic.

IRVING (Washington). Lives of

Successors of Mohammed.

-----Life of Goldsmith.


-----Tales of a Traveller.

----- Tour on the Prairies.

----- Conquests of Granada and

Spain. Two Parts.

-----Life and Voyages of Columbus.

Two Parts.

----- Companions of Columbus: Their

Voyages and Discoveries.

----- Adventures of Captain Bonneville in the Rocky Mountains and the Far West.

-----Knickerbosker's History of New

York, from the beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty.

----- Tales of the Alhambra.

----- Conquest of Florida under Hernando de Soto.

-----Abbotsford & Newstead Abbey.

----- Salmagundi; or, The Whim-Whams and Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq.

----- Bracebridge Hall; or, The Humourists.

----- Astoria; or, Anecdotes of an Enterprise beyond the Rocky Mountains.

----- Wolfert's Roost, and other Tales.

LAMB (Charles). Essays of Elia. With a Portrait.

----- Last Essays of Elia.

----- Eliana. With Biographical Sketch.

MARRY AT (Captain). Pirate and the Three Cutters. With a Memoir of the Author.

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The only authorised Edition; no others published in England contain the Derivations and Etytnological Notes of Dr. Mahn, who devoted several years to this portion of the Work.