Edition. 2 volumes.

Vol. I. Table Games. 5s. Contents : -Billiards, with Pool, Pyramids, and Snooker, by Major-Gen. A. W. Drayson, F.R.A.S., with a preface by W. J. Peall-Bagatelle, by ' Berkeley '-Chess, by R. F. Green-Draughts, Backgammon, Dominoes, Solitaire, Reversi, Go Bang, Rouge et noir, Roulette, E.O., Hazard, Faro, by ' Berkeley.'

Vol. II. Card Games. [In the press.

Contents :-Whist, by Dr. William Pole, F.R.S., Author of 'The Philosophy of

Whist, etc'-Solo Whist, Piquet, Ecarte, Euchre, Poker, Loo, Vingt-et-un, Napoleon, Newmarket, Rouge et Noir, Pope Joan, Speculation, etc. etc., by ' Berkeley.

CHESS CONGRESS of 1862. A collection of the games played. Edited by J. Lowenthal. New edition, 5s.

MORPHY'S Games of Chess, being the Matches and best Games played by the American Champion, with explanatory and analytical Notes by J. Lowenthal. With short Memoir and Portrait of Morphy.

STAUNTON'S Chess-Player's Handbook. A Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game, with numerous Diagrams and Coloured Frontispiece.

----- Chess Praxis. A Supplement to the

Chess-player's Handbook. Containing the most important modem Improvements in the Openings; Code of Chess Laws; and a Selection of Morphy's Games. Annotated. 636 pages. Diagrams.

-----Chess-Player's Companion.

Comprising a Treatise on Odds, Collection of Match Games, including the French Match with M. St. Amant, and a Selection of Original Problems. Diagrams and Coloured Frontispiece.

------ Chess Tournament of 1851.

A Collection of Games played at this celebrated assemblage. With Introduction and Notes. Numerous Diagrams.

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