1 No well-regulated club or country house should be without this useful series of books. Small 8vo. cloth, Illustrated. Price 1s. each. Globe.

Bridge. By 'Templar.' Whist. By Dr. Wm. Pole, F.E.S. Solo Whist. By Egbert F. Green. Billiards. By Major-Gen. A. W.

Drayson, F.R.A.S. With a Preface by W. J. Peall. Hints on Billiards. By J. P.

Buchanan. Double vol. 2s. Chess. By Egbert F. Green. The Two-Move Chess Problem.

By B. G. Laws. Chess Openings. By I. Cunsbeeg. Draughts and Backgammon.

By 'Berkeiey.'

Reversi and Go Bang. By ' Berkeley.'

Dominoes and Solitaire. By * Berkeley.*

Bezique and Cribbage.

By ' Berkeley.' Ecarte and Euchre.

By ' Berkeley.' Piquet and Rubicon Piquet.

By 'Berkeley.'

Skat. By Louis Diehl.

** A Skat Scoring-book. 1s.

Round Games, including Pcker, Napoleon, Loo, Vinpt-et-un, etc. By Baxter-Wray.

Parlour and Playground Games. By Mrs. Laurence GOMME.