The only Series Issued at a moderate price, by Writers who are in the first rank in their respective departments.

'The best instruction on games and sports by the best authorities, at the lowest prices.' - Oxford Magazine.

Small 8vo. cloth. Illustrated. Price 1s. each.

Cricket. By Fred C. Holland. Cricket. By the Hon. and Rev.

E. Lyttelton. Croquet. By Lieut.-Col. the Hon.

H. C. Needham. Lawn Tennis. By H. W. W.

Wilberforce. With a Chapter for

Ladies, by Mrs. Hillyard. Squash Tennis. By Eustace H.

Miles. Double vol. 2s.

Tennis and Rackets and Fives.

By Julian Marshall, Major J. Spen3, and Rev. J. A. Arnan Tait. Golf. By H. S. C. Everard.

Double vol. 2s.

Rowing and Sculling. By Got


Rowing and Sculling. By W. B.


Sailing. By E. F. Knight, dbl.vol. 2s.

Swimming. By Martin and J.

Racster Cobbett. Camping out. By A. A. Macdonell. Double vol. 2s. Canoeing. By Dr. J. D. Hayward.

Double vol. 2s. Mountaineering. By Dr. Claude

Wilson. Double vol. 2s. Athletics. By H. H. Griffin. Riding. By W. A. Kerr, V.C.

Double vol. 2s. Ladies' Riding. By W. A. Kerr, V.O. Boxing. By R. G. Allanbon-Winn. With Prefatory Note by Bat Mullins.

Fencing. By H. A. Colmore Dunn. Cycling. By H.H. Griffin,L.A.C.,

N.C.U., C.T.C. With a Chapter for Ladies, by Miss Agnes Wood. Double vol. 2s.

Wrestling. By Walter Armstrong. New Edition.

Broadsword and Singlestick. By R. 6. Allanson-Winn and C. Phil-lipps-Wolley.

Gymnastics. By A. F. Jenkin.

Double vol. 2s.

Gymnastic Competition and Display Exercises. Compiled by P. Graf.

Indian Clubs. By G. T. B. Cobbett and A. F. Jenkin.

Dumb-bells. By F. Graf.

Football - Rugby Game. By Harry Vassall.

Football - Association Game. By

C. W. Alcock. Revised Edition. Hockey. By F. S. Creswell.

New Edition.

Skating. By Douglas Adams.

With a Chapter for Ladies, by Miss L. Chsetham, and a Chapter on Speed Skating, by a Fen Skater. Dbl. vol. 2s.

Baseball. " By Newton Crane. Rounders, Fieldball, Bowls,

Quoits, Curling, Skittles, etc.

By J. M. Walker and C. C. Mott.

Dancing. By Edward Scott. Double vol. 2s.