The following is a form for the officers, who, in some establishments, are required to sign it annually.

We, the undersigned persons, being respectively managers, accountants, cashiers, tellers, and clerks of the Banking Company, do severally declare that we will respectively, faithfully, honestly, and impar-tiallv discharge the several duties devolving: on us as such managers, accountants, cashiers, tellers, and clerks as aforesaid, according to the directions of the directors of the company, and any laws or regulations that may be made by them. And we do hereby severally pledge ourselves, and as inviolably as if we had taken our oaths thereto, that we will observe the strictest secrecy on the subject of all transactions of every description of the company with their customers for the time being, or with any other bodies or persons whatever, and on the subject of the state of the accounts of all bodies and individuals, from time to time, having accounts with the said company. Dated this day of 18 .