Memorandum, that on the day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and , hath delivered to at their office in in the county of , the several title deeds and documents mentioned and comprised in the schedule hereunto annexed, for the purpose of securing to the proprietors in the said banking company for the time being, of whomsoever the said banking company may from time to time consist, all and every sum and sums of money which shall at any time hereafter be due or owing from on the balance of his account current with the said banking company either for money paid or advanced, or to be paid or advanced, by the said banking company unto the said , or at his request, or which shall be secured by any bond or bill of exchange drawn or endorsed by the said

, or by any promissory note or other contract whatsoever, with interest for the same respectively, from the several times at which they respectively shall be advanced, or at which the said bonds, bills, notes, or other contracts respectively shall become due, and thenceforth, until payment thereof respectively after the rate of per centum per annum, with commission and other usual banker's charges, so as the same do not exceed in the whole the sum of pounds.

And the said doth hereby promise and agree with and to the said banking company, that he the said whenever thereunto required by the said banking company, shall and will effectually convey and assure all and singular the hereditaments and premises comprised in the said deeds and writings unto and to the use of the said banking company, in such manner as shall be lawfully required by them, free from incumbrances; subject nevertheless to redemption on payment by the said of such sum of money as shall be therein expressed to be secured with interest in manner aforesaid. And in the said indenture of mortgage shall be contained all usual clauses and covenants, with power of sale in case default shall be made in payment of the principal and interest to be thereby secured or any part thereof. As witness the hand of the said the day and year first above written. (The Schedule above referred to.)

Form of Letter

To be signed by a Party lodging Deeds or other Documents as

Security for Advances of Money.


To the Directors of the Banking Company.


I have sent you the title deeds and other writings relating to my several freehold and copyhold estates and properties in or near in the county of , and which documents I hereby declare are deposited with you as a security for all sums of money now or hereafter to become due from me either solely or jointly with others to the said banking company, either upon banking account or in any other manner howsoever (including interest, commission, and all other usual banking charges), and I hereby engage upon request to execute to you a mortgage of the said tenements and premises for the better securing the said sum or sums of money intended to be hereby secured, such mortgage to contain a power of sale, and all other usual covenants, and to be at my expense.

I am, etc,



In consideration of the loans advances or discounts which may be made to me or upon my request, by you, I hereby charge all or any title deeds or other property belonging to me which I may place or leave in your hands with the repayment of all such loans advances or discounted bills together with all costs interest and charges thereon; and I hereby undertake to make an assignment by way of mortgage with power of sale whenever called upon to do so, of the property which I may or shall be entitled to under such title deeds.

I am, etc,



Having this day borrowed from you the sum of upon a deposit of the under-mentioned securities which sum is to be repaid to you with interest at the rate of per cent. per annum on the next, I hereby authorize you in case the said sum of shall not be repaid as aforesaid, to sell the said securities or any part thereof whenever you may think proper so to do, and repay yourselves the aforesaid sum of and interest, returning to me the surplus

(if any) or holding it for my account; and in the event of any deficiency I hold myself responsible to you and the survivor of you for the same.

I am, etc,