It will readily be seen that consumption is an important factor in efficiency. Large industries clearly recognize this fact; hence their insistence on sobriety among their employees. The manager of many a large industrial plant views the week-end with horror, knowing from experience that his force will be depleted on Monday by Sunday's carousals. The effects of these excesses are too obvious to merit discussion. Other excesses, however, not so easily discerned, or if discerned allowed to go unchallenged, have a similar influence on the industrial efficiency of society. Office workers, students, and all others that follow a sedentary life, often fail to work as efficiently as they might if they took more exercise and ate less food. Who has not experienced the languor that comes so frequently just after the noonday meal? the fine feeling of bodily and mental energy that comes with an empty stomach? Efficiency is increased also by keeping the temperature of the body normal. Overheated rooms, which means an overconsumption of fuel, and garments too thick and heavy for the occasion, produce depression in mind and body, thereby lessening normal efficiency.

From what has been said it is apparent that society is interested in the consumption of its members - that is, that it is not altogether an individual matter what one eats, or drinks, or wears. Already steps have been taken to discourage the use of intoxicating liquors, not alone because it is felt that their use is more or less immoral, but also because it has been proved beyond dispute that alcohol and industrial efficiency do not mix. Further than this, society has not yet attempted to go. Consequently it is the business of each one of us to keep fit mentally and physically by relieving the mind and body of overwork in combating intemperance of every sort.