Taxation And The Tariff

Adam Smith on Taxation.

Income Tax Decisions of the United States Supreme Court

Taxes that Can Be Shifted.

Taxation and Perjury.

The Internal Revenue System.

The English Corn Laws.

The Protective Tariff on Sugar.

The Taxation of Inheritances.

Reciprocity and Reciprocity Treaties.

Does the Protective Tariff Benefit American Labor? John Stuart Mill on the Taxation of Land Values.

The State In Industry

Four Views of the Economic Functions of Government: Anarchism, Extreme Individualism, Moderate Individualism, Socialism.

The Relation of the State to Industry in the United States.

Fiscal Monopolies in France.

The South Carolina Dispensary Law.

The Telegraph in England and America.

National Workshops in France in 1848.

Our Subtreasury System.

Ideal Commonwealths.

Christian Socialism.

The Fabian Socialists.

Socialistic Experiments in the United States.

The Social Democratic Party in Germany.

Are We Tending toward Socialism?

Socialism or Social Reform, Which Shall It Be ?

Socialism vs. Imperialism.

The Brotherhood of Labor.

Liberty of the Press in the Socialistic State.

General Theory

The Theory of Value in Marshall and Böhm-Bawerk. The Malthusian Theory of Population. The Theory of a Wage-fund.

The "Lump of Labor" Theory, or the Theory of a Work-fund Money and the Balance of Trade: An Exploded Theory. A Study of Human Wants. Possible Substitutes for Competition. Interesting Cases of Conjunctural Gains. 2b

What are Economic Laws ?

The Influence of Climate upon Civilization.

The Quantity Theory of the Value of Money.


The Economic Results of the Great Plague of 1348.

The Irish Famine of 1848.

What Bad Cooking Is, and What It Costs.

What Our Community Has to Pay for Intoxicants.

The Economic Functions of the Church,

Changes of Fashion in Women's Clothing.

A Study in Division of Labor. (To be drawn from the student's observation.)

Our National Ash-heap. (The cost to the nation of inflammable construction of building.)

An Expensive Luxury. (A careful statistical study of the cost of tobacco to individuals and nations.)

The Cost of War. (A comparative study of the items in various national budgets that are due to wars past or to preparation for future wars.)