It is believed that both students and teachers may derive valuable aid from the following selected bibliographies. The first group in each case includes works of a relatively untechnical character, and therefore constitutes a sort of elementary, " minimum " course of special study of the particular topic. The books mentioned in the second group are in each case more advanced and technical, and may therefore be used either for advanced courses of study or as works of reference. The authors would suggest that a school desiring to form a standard working library in Economics would do well to purchase the books mentioned in the second groups in the order in which they are named.

General Economics

Group 1

Blackmar, F. W.: Economics.

Bullock, C. J.: An Introduction to the Study of Economics.

Devine, E. T.: Economics.

Gide, Charles: Principles of Political Economy. (American

adaptation, 1904.) Seager, Henry R.: Introduction to Economics. Walker, F. A.: Elementary Course in Political Economy; also

Briefer Course in Political Economy.

Group 2

Smith, Adam : Wealth of Nations (in Ashley's Economic Classics).

Marshall, A.: Principles of Economics.

Smart, W.: Introduction to the Theory of Value.

Clark, J. B.: The Distribution of Wealth.

Mill, J. S.: The Principles of Political Economy.

Ricardo, D.: Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. (Six chapters in Ashley's Economic Classics.)

Walker, F. A.: Political Economy. (Advanced Course.)

Patten, S. N".: The Premises of Political Economy.

Hobson, J. A.: The Economics of Distribution.

Commons, J. R.: The Distribution of Wealth.

Smart, W.: The Distribution of Income.

Economic History

Group 1

Ashley, W. J.: Introduction to English Economic History and

Theory. 2 vols. Cheyney, E. P.: Industrial and Social History of England. Beard, C.: The Industrial Revolution. Ely, R. T.: Evolution of Industrial Society. Coman, Katharine: The Industrial History of the United States Hewins, W. A. S.: English Trade and Finance. Price, L. L.: History of English Commerce and Industry. Warner, T.: Landmarks of English Industrial History.

Group 2

Bücher, Carl: Industrial Evolution. (Translation.) Hobson, J. A.: The Evolution of Modern Capitalism. Toynbee, Arnold: The Industrial Revolution. Wright, C. D.: Industrial Evolution of the United States. Wells, D. A.: Recent Economic Changes.

Rand, B.: Selections illustrating Economic History since 176S.

Gibbins, H. de B.: Industry in England.

Cunningham, W.: Growth of English Industry and Commerce.

2 vols. Rogers, J. E. T.: Six Centuries of Work and Wages and A

History of Agriculture and Prices in England. Ingram, J. K.: History of Slavery.

The History Of Political Economy

Group 1

Price, L. L.: A Short History of Political Economy in England.

Group 2

Ingram, J. K.: History of Political Economy.

Ashley, W. J. (editor): Economic Classics, including selected • passages from Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations; six chapters of Ricardo's Principles of Political Economy; selected passages from Malthus's Theory of Population; Mun's England's Treasure by Foreign Trade; Jones's Peasant Bents; and Schmoller's The Mercantile System.

Rent, Land Nationalization, And The Single Tax

Group 1

George, Henry: Progress and Poverty. Walker, F. A.: Land and its Rent.

Group 2

Commons, J. R.: The Distribution of Wealth. Clark, J. B.: The Distribution of Wealth. Hobson, J. A.: The Economics of Distribution Patten, S. N.: Dynamic Economics. Smart, W.: The Distribution of Income.

Money, Credit, And Banking

Group 1

Bagehot, W.: Lombard Street.

Bolles, A. S.: Money, Banking, and Finance.

Jevons, W. S.: Money and the Mechanism of Exchange.

Kinley, D.: Money A Study of the Theory of the Medium of

Exchange. Walker, F. A.: Money, Trade, and Industry. White, Horace : Money and Banking.

Group 2

Report of the Monetary Commission of the Indianapolis

Convention. Scott, W. A.: Money and Banking. Laughlin, J. L.: The Principles of Money, and The History of

Bimetallism in the United States. Dunbar, C. F.: Theory and History of Banking. Nicholson, J. S.: Money and Monetary Problems. Fisk, A. K.: The Modern Bank. Cannon, J. G.: Clearing Houses. Conant, C. A.: History of Modern Banks of Issue. Sumner, W. G.: History of American Currency. Muhleman, M. L.: Monetary Systems of the World. Knox, J. J.: United States Notes. Walker, F. A.: International Bimetallism. Willis, H. P.: History of the Latin Monetary Union.

Public Finance

Group 1

Daniels, W. M.: Elements of Public Finance. Plehn, C. C.: Introduction to Public Finance.

Group 2

Adams, H. C.: The Science of Finance.

Cohn, G.: The Science of Finance. (Translation.)

Bastable, C. F.: Public Finance.

Seligman, E. R. A.: Essays in Taxation.

Dewey, D. R.: Financial History of the United States.

Noyes, A. D.: Thirty Years of American Finance.

Ely, R. T., and Finley, J. H.: Taxation in American States

and Cities. Taussig, F. W.: The Tariff History of the United States. Kinley, D.: The Independent Treasury. West, Max: The Inheritance Tax. Howe, F. C.: Taxation and Taxes in the United States under the Internal Revenue System, 1791-1895. Kinsman, D.: The Income Tax in the Commonwealths of the United States.

International Trade And Protectionism

Group 1

Bastable, C. F.: Theory of International Trade.

Bastiat, F.: Sophisms of Protection.

Clare, G.: Money Market Primer.

Ely, R. T.: Problems of To-day.

Taussig, F. W.: Tariff History of the United States.

Group 2

Sumner, W. G.: Protectionism.

Patten, S. N. : The Economic Basis of Protection.

Wells, D. A.: Practical Economics.

List, F.: National System of Political Economy.

Carey, H. C.: Harmony of Interests.

Ashley, W. J.: The Tariff Problem.