Group 1

Bellamy, E.: Looking Backward.

Brooks, J. G.: The Social Unrest.

Ely, R. T.: Socialism and Social Reform.

Gronlund, L.: The Cooperative Commonwealth.

Howells, W. D.: A Traveller from Altruria.

Morley, H. (editor) : Ideal Commonwealths.

Reeves, W. P.: State Experiments in Australia and New Zealand.

Group 2

Kirkup, T.: History of Socialism. Marx, Karl: Capital. (Translation.) Rae, J.: Contemporary Socialism.

Schaffle, A. E. F.: The Quintessence of Socialism. (Translation.) Vandervelde, E.: Collectivism. (Translation.) Woolsey, T. D.: Communism and Socialism.

Labor: Its Position, Its Conditions, And Its Earnings

Group 1

Ely, R. T.: The Labor Movement in America. Gladden, W.: Working People and their Employers. Mitchell, J.: Organized Labor.

Toynbee, Arnold: The Industrial Revolution in England Wright, C. D.: Industrial Evolution of the United States.

Group 2

Report of the United States Industrial Commission. Annual and Special Reports of the United States Labor Bureau. Hobson, J. A.: The Evolution of Modern Capitalism. Schloss, D. F.: Methods of Industrial Remuneration.

Jevons, W. S.: The State in its Relation to Labor. Stimson, F. J.: Handbook to the Labor Law of the United States. Lowell, Josephine S.: Industrial Arbitration and Conciliation. Webb, Sidney and Beatrice (Potter): History of Trade-union--ism and Industrial Democracy. < Potter, Beatrice: The Cooperative Movement in Great Britain. Levasseur, E.: The American Workman. (Translation.) Gilman, N. P.: Profit-sharing. Ashley, W. J.: The Adjustment of Wages. Rogers, J. E. T.: Six Centuries of Work and Wages. Brassey, T.: Work and Wages.

Monopolies And Industrial Combinations

Group 1

Ely, R. T.: Monopolies and Trusts.

Gunton, G.: Trusts and the Public.

Jenks, J. W.: The Trust Problem.

Lloyd, Henry D.: Wealth against Commonwealth.

Von Halle, E.: Trusts and Industrial Combinations.

Meade, E. S.: Trust Finance.

Group 2

Report of the United States Industrial Commission, Vols. I

and II. Adams, H. C.: The Relation of the State to Industrial Action. Bemis, E. W.: Municipal Monopolies. Clark, J. B.: Theory of Economic Progress. Farrer, T. H.: The State in its Relation to Trade. Cook, W. W.: The Corporation Problem. Bridge, J. H. (editor): The Trust, its Book. Bridge, J. H.: Inside History of the Carnegie Steel Co. Baker, C. E.: Trusts and the People.

Dodd, S. C. T.: Combinations: their Uses and Abuses. (A eulogy of the Standard Oil Company by one of its attorneys) ; also

An Inside View of Trusts, circulated free of charge in the interests of the Standard Oil Company.


Group 1

Hadley, A. T.: Railroad Transportation. Johnson, E. R.: American Railway Transportation.

Group 2

Reports (Annual) of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Report of the United States Industrial Commission.

Meyer, B. H.: Railway Legislation in the United States.

Stickney, A. B.: The Railway Problem.

Dixon, F. H.: State Railroad Control.

Jeans, J. S.: Waterways and Water Transport.

Johnson, E. R.: Inland Waterways.

Lewis, G. H.: National Consolidation of Railways.

Newcomb, H. T.: Railway Economics.

Corporations And Corporation Finance

Group 1

Cleveland, F. A.: Funds and their Uses.

Meade, E. S.: Trust Finance.

Pratt, S. A.: The Work of Wall Street.

Group 2

Report of the Chicago Conference on Trusts. Burdick, E. M.: The Essentials of Business Law. Greene, T. L.: Corporation Finance. Cook, W. W.: The Corporation Problem.

Emery, H. C.: Speculation on the Stock and Produce Exchanges of the United States.

Commercial Geography

Group 1

Adams, C. C.: A Text-book of Commercial Geography. Red way, J. W.: New Basis of Geography. Trotter, Spencer: Tlie Geography of Commerce.

Group 2

Reports of the Department of Commerce ana Labor (U.S.), especially Commercial Relations of the United States; Consular Reports; Monthly Summary of Commerce and Finance.

Twelfth Census of the United States.

Chisholm, G. G.: A Handbook of Commercial Geography.

Keltie, J. S.: Applied Geography.

In addition to the books mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, students will find certain general works of reference of very great value. These may be most conveniently listed under the names dictionaries, periodicals, and general treatises. Every school that aspires to the possession of a working library in our subject should have a considerable number of the books in the following list, together with some of the magazines of most general use in the subject. In the first two groups the books and magazines respectively are given in the order in which the authors would recommend their purchase. For obvious reasons it has not been deemed best to do this in the case of the books mentioned in Group Three, which are therefore given in the alphabetical order of their authors. The student will not find in this book any references to German, French or Italian authorities that have not been translated. Should he have occasion, in exceptional cases, to refer to such works he should consult the bibliographies that are to be found in many of the general treatises included in our list


Dictionary of Political Economy. Edited by R. H. Inglis Par grave.

Cyclopedia of Political Science and Political Economy. Edited by J. J Lalor.

Cyclopedia of Social Reform. Edited by W. D. P. Bliss.

The standard encyclopedias will also be found to contain special articles on very many economic topics.


Publications of the American Economic Association.

The Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Political Science Quarterly.

The Yale Review.

The Journal of Political Economy.

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

Municipal Affairs.

Commercial and Financial Chronicle.


Dun's Review.

The Bankers' Magazine. (American.)

General Treatises

Andrews, E. B.: Institutes of Economics.

Bullock, C. J.: Introduction to the Study of Economics.

Devine, E. T.: Economics.

Cannan, E.: Elementary Political Economy.

Ely, R. T.: Outlines of Economics; also Introduction to Political Economy. (Revised Edition, 1901.) Davenport, H. J.: Elementary Economics. Gide, C.: Principles of Political Economy. (Translation.) Hadley, A. T.: Economics.

Hearn, W. E.: Plutology.

Marshall, A.: Principles of Economics; also Marshall, A. and

E.: The Economics of Industry. Nicholson, J. S.: Principles of Political Economy. Roscher, W.: Political Economy. (Translation.) Seager, H. R.: Introduction to Economics. Sidgwick, H.: Principles of Political Economy. Walker, F. A.: Political Economy. (Advanced Course.)