The full title is "The Stock Exchange Daily Official List," and is the London equivalent to our "list" (to which subject refer). This is issued twice daily under the authority of the "Committee for General Purposes," of the London Stock Exchange. This committee consists of 30 members, elected by ballot each year; has extraordinary powers in the governing of the exchange, and in connection

Addenda with its control of the "official list," decides as to quotations of what securities shall or shall not be included. The " official list" is directly compiled under the superintendence of the Secretary of the "Share and Loan Department."

Those who have never seen anything more imposing than the list issued by the New York Stock Exchange, upon examination of its London counterpart - containing as it does 16 closely printed pages and the names of more than 4,000 securities - will be impressed with the international scope of the trading represented. This publication sells at 6d. per copy or 4 per year, exclusive of postage.

Each week the committee publishes a list of the securities for which quotation has been requested, besides another list covering those to which quotations have been granted.

There are many conditions requisite to the granting of a quotation, but a very important one is that at least two thirds of the securities issued shall have been allotted to the public, separate from what may be held by vendors and others.

There is a weekly edition, issued under exactly the same authority and superintendence as the daily "official list," and which is entitled "The Stock Exchange Weekly Official Intelligence." This is a sort of resume of the week's business, rather than the covering of current prices. Single copies, Is. each; yearly subscription, exclusive of postage, 2.