14 Loteae Part 12 569 . Often glandular-dotted; stip. cohering with the base of the petiole. Fls. cyanic.

* Leaves palmately 1 and 8 (rarely 5)-foliate......................................

Nos. 1, 2

* Leaves palmately, 5, or 5 and 7-foliate..........................................

Nos. 3, 4

* Leaves pinnately 3 or 1-foliate...............................................

Nos. 5 - 8

* Leaves pinnate, 19 to 21-foliate...................................................

No. 9

1 P. canescens Mx. Very branching, canescently pubescent, lower lvs. 3-foliate, upper l-foliate, lfts. roundish-obovate, obtuse, tapering at base into a petiolule, dotted. - Sandy woods, N. Car. to Fla. Plant 2f high, excessively branched, forming a globular bush. Fls. in small clusters at the end of the branchlets; small, " blue at first, changing to dull yellow" (Mettauer). Cal. gibbous, almost spurred at base. May - Jl.

2 P. floribunda Nutt. Canescent, much branched; lfts. 3, rarely 5, dotted, ob-long-obovate, varying to linear; stip. setaceous; rac. slender, many-flowered, twice longer than the leaves; pedicels as long as the flowers, and longer than the small, ovate-acuminate bracts; vex. roundish; leg. smooth. - Alluvial soils, Ill. (Mead). Ark. W. to the R. Mts. St. 2 to 4f high, branches spreading. Lfts. 1 to 2' by 2 to 4". Common petiole 1/2 to 1' long. Fls. bluish purple, 3" long, 15 to 30 in the very canescent racemes. Jn.

3 P. subacaulis Torr. & Gray. Nearly acaulescent, hirsute; lvs. 7-foliate on very long petioles; lfts. obovate-oblong; fls. in dense, egg-shaped racemes; cal. much shorter than the cor. - Tenn., near Nashville (Dr. Roam in N. Am. Flora). Lvs. and flower-stalks almost radical, 6 to 10' long; lfts. about 1' long.

4 P. Lupinellus Mx. St. slender, glabrous; lvs. 5 to 7-foliate; lfts. linear-filiform; rac. longer than the lvs., many-flowered; pod incurved at base, recurved at apex, so as to simulate the letter S. - Pine barrens, S. Car. to Fla. Sts. about 2f high. Lfts. 2 to 3' long. Fls. as large as in P. floribunda. May, Jn.

5 P. virgata Nutt. Virgate, smoothish; lvs. 1-foliate, remote; lfts. linear (the lower rarelt 3-foliate and oblong); ped. shorter than the lvs.: spikes rather dense-flowered. - Near St. Mary's, Ga. St. about 2f high. Lfts. 2 to 4' by 2 to 4 . Fls. pale violet.

6 P. stipulata Torr & Gr. Nearly glabrous and glandless, ascending; lvs. pin-nately 3-foliate, lfts. elliptic-ovate, obtuse, mucronate; stip. (large) ovate; ped. as long as the lvs.; spikes capitate. - Falls of the Ohio (Jones in N. Am. Flora). Sts. branched from the base. The large stipules are remarkable, resembling those of the red clover.

7 P. Melilotoides Mx. Virgate, minutely pubescent; lvs. 3-foliate, lfts. oblong-lanceolate, rather obtuse, on very short petioles, more or less glandular; stip. lanceolate; spike oblong, at length elongated, on virgate peduncles; pods orbicular, transversely wrinkled. - Dry soils, S. and W. Sts. Slender, branched, erect, 2f high. Lfts. 2 to 2V long, 1/4 as wide. Ped. 6 to 10' long. May - Jl. (P. eglandulosa Ell.)

3 P. Onobrychis Nutt. Pubescent; lfts. ovate-acummate; rac. elongated; cal.

much shorter than cor., teeth small, obtuse, equal; leg. ovate, transversely wrinkled. - Low grounds and thickets, W. States. St. rigidly erect, nearly simple.

3 to 5f high. Lfts. 2 to 4' long, nearly 1/2 as wide. Fls. small, pedicellate, blue.

Pods exceeding the calyx, rostrate. Jn., Jl. 9 P. multijuga Ell. Lfts. numerous, oblong-lanceolate, obtuse; spikes oblong; cal. villous, teeth very long; bracts small. - In the upper country, Ga. (Elliott),

S. Car. (Darby). St. stout, furrowed 1 to 2f high, nearly smooth. Fls. violet.

Lfts. 9 or 10 pairs. May, Jn.

33. GLOTTID'IUM, Desv. (Gr.14 Loteae Part 12 570 tongue; alluding to the singular structure of the pods.) Calyx campanulate, truncated, minutely 5-toothed; vexillum reniform, broader than long; legume elliptic-oblong, compressed, pointed at each end; valves double, the inner membranous, inclosing the seeds after the outer have fallen away; seeds 1 or 2. - 14 Loteae Part 12 571 Glabrous. Lvs. abruptly pinnate. Fls. small, yellow.

G-. Floridanum DC. In waste and damp soils, S. Car. to Fla. and Tex. St. tall and rank (4 to 10f). Lfts. 30 to 50, linear-oblong, obtuse, mucronate, 6 to 18" long. Fls. about a third as large as in Sesbania, in slender rac. Pods 18" by 6", appearing after the opening of the outer valve, as tongue and lips. Seeds bean-shaped. (Sesbania platycarpa Pers.)

34. SESBA'NIA, Pers. Calyx campanulate, subequally 5-toothed; vexillum longer than the obtuse keel, the claw appended; legume very long and slender, linear, closed between the seeds. - Shrubs or herbs, with abruptly pinnate lvs., caducous stip. and bractcoles, and yellowish flowers.

S. macrocarpa Muhl. Herb annua), glabrous; lfts. 30 to 50, oblong-linear, obtuse, mucronate; rac. about 2-flowered, shorter, but the legumes twice longer than the lvs. - Damp grounds, S. Car. to Fla. and La. St. tall (2 to 8f). Lvs. 6 to 10' long, the lfts. 6 to 9", glaucous beneath. The extremely slender leg. nearly a foot long, with a bordered margin are very singular. Aug. - Oct

35. AMOR PHA, L. Lead Plant. (Gr. a, privative,14 Loteae Part 12 572 form; alluding to the deficiencies of the corolla.) Calyx subcampanulate, 5-cleft; vexillum concave, unguiculate, erect; wings and keel none; stamens exserted; legume oblong, somewhat curved at the point, scabrous with glandular points, 1 to 2-seeded. - Shrubs or half shrubby American plants. Lvs. unequally pinnate, punctate. Fls. bluish white, in virgate racemes.

* Leaves stalked (i. e., the lowest lfts. remote from stem).......................

...No. 1

* Leaves sessile, - lfts. obtuse, not mucronate..........................

Nos. 2, 3

- Lfts. acute, mucronate..............................................

No. 4

1 A. fruticosa L. Nearly glabrous or somewhat pubescent, shrubby or arborescent; lfts. 9 to 19, oval, petiolulate, very obtuse, the lower pair remote from the stem; cal. teeth obtuse, short, lower one acuminate and rather the longest; leg. 2-seeded. - A shrub or small tree, 6 to 16f high, Wis. to La. and Fla., W. to R.

Mts. Lvs. 3 to 5' long; lfls. about 1 by J', rather remote from each other and from the stem. Petiolules scarcely 2" long. Spicate rac. terminal, solitary or fascicled, 3 to 4' long. Vexillum purple, emarginate. May, Jn.