2 A. glabra Desf. Nearly glabrous, shrubby; lfts. oblong or elliptical, dotted, petiolulate, the lowest pair close to the stem; fls. subsessile; cal. teeth short, the 2 upper obtuse, the 3 lower longer, or nearly equal, villous; sty. hairy towards the base. - Near Wilmington and Newbern, N. Car. Plant 4 to 5f high. Fls. dark blue. Jl. (v. s. in herb. Curtis.) (A. Caroliniana Croom).

3 A. herbacea Walt. Pubescent and somewhat hoary, shrubby; lfts. 20 to 25 pairs, oblong, obtuse, dotted, the lowest pair close to the stem; fls. subsessile; teeth of the cal. nearly equal, short; cor, whitish. - Pine woods, N. Car. to Fla. Plant 2 to 4f high, grayish. Lvs. 5 to 7 long; lfts. 6 to 8" by 3". Petiolules 1" long. Spikes many, clustered at top, very downy, 6 to 8' long. Jn., Jl.

4 A. canescens Nutt. Suffruticous, and canescently villous, lfts. small, numerous, crowded, ovate-elliptical, subsessile, mucronate; spikes aggregate; fls. subsessile; calyx teeth equal, oval acute; vex. bright blue; leg. 1-seeded. - A beautiful species, 2 to 4f high, in dry, sandy soils, Wis to La. and R. Mts., and is supposed to prefer localities of lead ore. Lvs. 2 to 3' long; lfts. coriaceous, 16 to 24 pairs, obtuse at base, 4 to 6" by 1 to 2". Spikes 2 to 3' long. Jl., Aug.

36. DA'LEA, L. (In honor of Thomas Dale, an English botanist.) Calyx subequally cleft or toothed; petals unguiculate, claws of the wings and keel adnate to the staminate tube half way up; vexillum free, the limb cordate; stamens 10, united into a cleft tube; ovary 2-ovuled; legume inclosed in the calyx, indehiscent, 1-seeded. - Mostly herbaceous and glandular-punctate. Lvs. odd-pinnate. Stipels 0, stip. minute, setaceous. Spikes mostly dense.

D. alopecuroides Willd. Glabrous and much branched; lfts. 8 to 14 pair?, linear-oval, obtuse or retuse, punctate beneath; spike pedunculate, oblong-cylin-dric, terminal, silky-villous; bracts about equaling the acuminate segments of the cal. -14 Loteae Part 13 573 Prairies and bottoms, Ill., Mo., Car. Plant about 2f high, bushy and leafy and pale green. Lfts. not more than 4" by 1", sessile, and nearly in mutual contact. Spikes 1 to 2' long. Vexillum white, wings and keel pale violet. (D. Linnaei Mx. Petalostemon Ph.)

37. PETALOSTE'MON, Mx. (Alluding to the union of the petals and stamens.) Calyx 5-toothcd, nearly equal; petals 5, on filiform claws, 4 of them nearly equal, alternate with the stamens and united with the staminate tube; stamens 5, monadelphous, tube cleft; legume 1-seeded, indehiscent, included in the calyx. - Mostly14 Loteae Part 13 574 . Lvs. unequally pinnate, exstipellate. Fls. in dense, pedunculate, terminal spikes or heads.

§ Petalostemon proper. Calyx teeth short. Heads not involucrate. Bracts small (a).

a Bracts aristate-pointed, longer than the calyx................

Nos. 1, 2

a Bracts obuse or acute, not aristate, short....................

Nos. 3, 4

§ Kuhnistera, Lam. Calyx teeth very long, setaceous, plumous, pappus-like. Hds.

involucrate, with broad, scale-like bracts.....................................

No. 5

1 P. candidum Mx. Glabrous, erect; lfts. 7 to 9, all sessile, linear-lanceolate, mucronate, glandular beneath; spikes on long peduncles; bracts setaceous, longer than the white petals; vex. broadly cordate, the other pets. ovate. - A fine-looking plant in dry prairies, S. and W. States. St. 2 to 4f high, sparingly branched, slender. Lfts. 9 to 18" by 3 to 5", terminal one largest. Fls. small, white, crowded in dense spikes which are 1 to 3' long. Jl.

2 P. violaceum Mx. Minutely pubescent, erect; lfts. 5, linear, glandular beneath; spikes pedunculate, oblong or oval bracts shorter than the violet petals; vox. cordate, the other petals oblong, obtuse at base. - A beautiful plant, of similar habits with the last. St. slender, striate, subsimple, 1 1/2 to 2f high. Lfts. about 1' by 1", all sessile. Spikes 1 to 8, very dense, 1/2 to 1 1/2 long. Petals of a bright violet-purple. Jl., Aug.

3 P. carneum Mi, Glabrous, erect; lfts. 5 to 7, lance-linear; spikes oblong, pedunculate; bracts obovate, somewhat exceeding the short teeth of the glabrous calyx; pet. oblong, narrowed at base in the long claws. - Ga. and Fla. Slender, branching. 1 to 2f high; lvs. fascicled in the axils. Lfts. acute, 5 to 8" long. Spikes 1' long. Fls. roseate or white. Aug.

4 P. gracile Nutt. Glabrous, decumbent at base; lfts. 7, lance-linear; spikes oblong or cylindrical, somewhat sessile; bracts acute, about equaling the short, blunt calyx teeth; petals ovate; vex. broadly cordate.-14 Loteae Part 13 575 W. Fla. and Ala. nearly simple, 1 to 2f long, leafy to near the top. Lfts. 3 to 6" long. Spikes 6 to 12' long. Fls. white.

5 P. corymbosum Mx. St. corymbously branched; spikes capitate, sessile; bracts broad, colored, the outer leaf-bearing and flowerless; lfts. linear, 5 to 7.- A singularly elegant plant of the pine barrens, N. Car. to Fla. Sts. 1 to 2f high, many from one root, each with a corymb at summit. Heads resemble the Compositae, with red scales and white lance-oblong petals. Sept., Oct.

38. ASTRAG'ALUS, L. Milk Vetch. Calyx 5-toothcd; keel of the corolla obtuse; stamens diadelphous (9 and 1); legumes 2-celled by the introflexion of the lower suture. - Herbaceous or suffruticous, with unequally pinnate lvs., and the fls. in spikes or racemes.

§ Legumes straight, eylindric. Flowers ochrolencous...................................

No. 1

§ Legumes curved, prismatic. Fls. whitish or bluish........................

Nos. 2 - 4

§ Leagumes globular, fleshy. Fls. whitish or blue......................

No. 5

1 A. Canadensis L. Canescent, erect, diffuse; stip. broad-lanceolate, acuminate; lfts. about 10 pairs, elliptical, obtuse at both ends; the lowest ovate, obtuse; ped. about as long as the lvs., when in fruit shorter; bracts subulate, as long as the cal.; fls. somewhat reflexed; leg. ovate-oblong, terete, suberect, smooth, many-seeded, abrupt at the end and tipped with the permanent style.-

14 Loteae Part 13 576 River banks, etc., Can. and U. S. St. bushy, about 3f high, very leafy. Fls. greenish-yellow, in dense spikes. Pods V in length, leathery. Jl. Aug.

2 A. glaber Mx. Nearly glabrous, erect; stip. minute or 0; lfts. 8 to 11 pairs, oblong-lanceolate or linear, obtuse or emarginata; spikes loose, much longer than the lvs.; bracts subulate, scarcely longer than the pedicels; leg. flattened, reticulated.-14 Loteae Part 13 577 Pino barrens, N. Car. to Fla. St. 1 to 2f high. Fls. greenish white. Pods distant, 1 1/2' long, spreading, incurved, acute at each end. Apr.